Adding a Book to the WP Newsletter Giveaway




Go to Instafreebie and log in. 


Have an Instafreebie giveaway in place?



Do you want Patient Lee to set up and Instafreebie account and giveaway for you?


Click "Add a Book" and follow the directions to set up a new giveaway (not a GROUP giveaway though).

Select your giveaway. 

Do you have (or know how to create) an ePub, Mobi, and PDF file for your book?



Email to

  • DOC or PDF file of your book

  • JPG file of the book's cover

I'll set the whole thing up for you. No sweat. (Really. Don't hesitate to ask.)

Go to Instafreebie, set up an account. Click "Add a Book" and follow the directions to add your book and set up a giveaway (NOT a group giveaway). 

Once your giveaway is set up, it will look like this on your dashboard. (You can get here by clicking "Dashboard" on the navigation bar at the top.) Click on the book you're giving away.

Highlight and copy the "claim" link on Instafreebie. 

You'll return to THIS PAGE on to CLICK (not copy) the next link once you've grabbed the "claim" link.

UPDATE: When I clicked on the link from Soleil's account, I couldn't click to "Join this Giveaway." If that happens to you, EMAIL the copied "claim" link to me.


Click on the Wicked Pens Group Giveaway link (It's a private giveaway, so you won't find it on Instafreebie.) : 

Click "Add Books."


(You'll be on our Group Giveaway page on Instafreebie.)

Email me to let me know your book is awaiting my click of approval! (

or click the email button.)

Paste the "claim" link you copied for your book into the box and click "Add These Books."

Ignore the preloaded text. Just paste your "claim" link.