Taste 3: Watch Me (M/F)

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All Rights Reserved.

"How did you get your parents to agree to take all three kids in their room?" Frank asked me as he put the suitcase on the rack in the corner. "We all know Payton is going to wake up during the night and climb into bed with them. That'll drive your dad nuts."

"I told them that we might go down to the bar for a drink. It was my mother's idea to babysit." I pulled the drapes open and looked at the city below us. We were on the seventh floor, and we had a nice view of the Statue of Liberty in the twilight.

Frank stood behind me and wrapped his arms around my torso. He put his lips on my neck and kissed me. His goatee tickled, and I squirmed, trying to get out of his grip. My parents' room adjoined ours. Our side of the door wasn't closed all the way, and I expected a four-year-old to burst into the room at any second. "I wonder if the people down there can even see us up here."

"I don't know, but close the drapes. I need to change," Frank said.


* * * *



We sat at the bar in the lobby, sipping martinis. It had been a long time since we had a night out, and it felt good to be adults. This trip to New York was one we'd planned for about six months, and most of what we planned centered around the kids—Toys R Us in Times Square, the Central Park Zoo, the Christmas Show at Radio City Music Hall. Tonight was the only night we thought we might be able to enjoy a couple of drinks and some nookie upstairs.

"The beds in my parents' room are against the same wall as our bed. We'll have to be quiet tonight," I said, feeling the effects of the second martini. "All I need is my parents or our children to hear us fucking through the wall." I stage-whispered the word "fucking," thinking that the people at the table next to us wouldn't hear.

I was wrong. The couple at the next table caught my eye and giggled, letting me know that they'd heard every word. I probably would have blushed, but my cheeks were already red from the martinis. To cover my embarrassment, I drained the rest of my glass, and said, "C'mon. Let's get the check and go for a little walk."

The sidewalk was crowded even though it was dark out. Frank took my hand in his and gave me a quick kiss on the lips before we started to walk. We only went a few blocks, but he'd collected four fliers from strip clubs. He put them in his pocket. I figured he'd pull them out back up in the room, and we'd talk about our crazy fantasy of going to a strip club together someday. We always said that someday we'd go to Vegas and do it. It wasn't gonna happen here in New York with the kids though.

We turned back to walk back for the night. When we were standing on the corner, waiting to cross the side street that ran next to the hotel, I looked up and counted eleven sets of windows. "You can definitely see into the rooms from here," I said. "Even through the gauzy curtains."

"Yeah? Maybe we'll give everybody on the street a show." Frank's grin earned him an elbow in his ribs.

* * * * 



"Shh!" I said with a giggle as we entered the hotel room. I could hear the TV in my parents' room through the thin wall. Frank had his arm around me, and he spun me and pushed me back against the wall separating the bathroom from the rest of the room. He kissed me, and he thrust his tongue along mine filling my mouth. His hands were on my jaw, pulling my head toward him. I put my hands on his butt and pulled him into me. We kissed hard and fast, like we used to when we were teenagers, making out on the couch with my parents in their room down the hall.

I moaned into Frank's mouth, and felt the heat burning between my legs. It had been weeks since our kids let us have a night alone, and I needed a good, hard fucking. Frank's hands went to my blouse, and he ripped it open, popping buttons onto the floor.

"Oh my god, that's hot," I murmured with my mouth still working against his lips. His head dipped to my neck, and he kissed along my collarbone before moving toward my cleavage. He grabbed my breasts over my bra and groped them roughly, almost hurting me, but not quite.

"Does that turn you on, baby?" he asked. I managed to nod just before his fingers slipped inside the top of both cups and he gave a tug, separating them. Nothing happened on the first tug. My head went back against the wall, and I arched my back, pressing my breasts toward him.

He tried again, and this time, the fabric separated with a loud ripping noise. The sound of the satin giving way sent a fresh wave of heat through my pussy. I was getting wet, but I couldn't help but bitch about having to replace it. "Frank! That was my favorite bra!" I stuck my bottom lip out in what I hoped would be a very persuasive pout.

"I'll buy you two tomorrow," he said, his voice rough with lust. I put my hand on Frank's groin. He was as aroused as I was. He put his hands on my tits. They were just large enough fill his calloused palms. He rubbed my nipples with his thumbs, and I rewarded him by pulling my skirt up over my hips. He gave the hard nubs one more flick before he grabbed my panties and shoved them down to my knees. I stepped out of them while he unbuttoned his jeans and pulled out his cock.

He grabbed my legs under my thighs and hoisted me up, pressing me against the wall. I wrapped my feet around his ass and pulled him into me. I was so wet, the head of his cock slipped right into my hole, and he slammed into my pussy. "Oh, that's how you want to play it," I said with a sexy smile. "You want to fuck me up against the wall, huh?"

He pulled my head to him again and kissed me hard, causing our teeth to crash together. We both laughed, but only for a split second before he pulled out and pumped into me again. Over and over, he drilled me against the wall while I held on for dear life. After a moment, I lost my grip, and slid toward the floor.

Frank supported my bottom until my feet were on the floor, and then he pushed his pants down around his thighs and pushed me to my knees. "Suck my cock," he said in a gravelly whisper. I looked up and smiled, and then I opened my mouth and put my hand on his shaft. It was sticky with the juices from my pussy, and I giggled at the naughtiness of licking it clean. I guided him into my mouth and started to lick from base to tip. The wetness on his pubic hair tickled my face. My own scent, thick and heady, sent a fresh wave of arousal between my legs.

"Can you taste your pussy, slut?" he said as he tousled my hair. I nodded and smiled around his cock. I started jacking back and forth with my hand, my fingers hitting my lips. Being a slut made me even hotter.

"Mm-hmm," I said, running my tongue along the underside of his erection. I put my other hand around his balls and caressed them. They were sticky from my pussy too.

"Oh, baby. I'm not gonna last long."

I pulled my mouth off and jacked with my hand. "Come on my tits, Frank. Make me your slut." He reached down to play with my nipples as I moved my hand faster and faster. "C'mon, baby. Come for me."

His whole body stiffened, and he stifled his shout the best he could. I was glad he remembered that everybody else was next door. I didn't want to have to remind him that my parents and children could hear us in the middle of his orgasm. His cock shot spurt after spurt of cum on my body. The first landed on my lower lip, another one on my chin. The rest covered my tits with splashes of warm, thick cum.

He relaxed and sighed and helped me to my feet. I looked to the side and saw our reflection in the mirror over the sink. We looked ridiculous, half-dressed and messy. I watched a drop of cum drip off my nipple and fall to the carpet. He smiled and reached for a washcloth. He turned on the hot water, and when the steam rose from the sink, he wet the cloth and wrung it out.

"Let's get you cleaned up," he said as he pushed my torn clothes down my arms. "You're all dirty."

He wiped my lip and chin before moving the steaming hot cloth to my breasts. I moaned as the rough terrycloth grazed my nipples. "Get undressed, and lie on the bed. I'll be right there," he said.

I did as I was told, and I closed my eyes while I waited. The martinis made me sleepy. I heard the water running again, and a moment later Frank appeared on the bed next to my leg. "Spread your legs, baby," he said. I smiled with my eyes closed as I moved my legs to allow him access.

Frank put the warm washcloth over my mound. The heat from the cloth felt wonderful, like a warm blanket over my most intimate parts. He pressed finger against the cloth, and it slipped between my pussy lips onto my clit. I jumped when the heat of the cloth reached my own. When Frank rubbed in small, slow circles. I couldn't stifle my moan.

The cloth cooled, and Frank placed it on the nightstand. I smiled, hoping that his tongue was next. He didn't disappoint. He used his first two fingers to spread my lips, and he grazed my clit ever so slightly. My hips twitched at his contact, inviting him to do more. He placed his lips over my clit and sucked gently.

"Oh my god," I murmured. "That feels so fucking good." I put my hands in his hair and gave it a tug, directing his tongue to where I needed it. "Lick it. Please."

He licked as if he were a cat at a saucer of milk, each stroke of his tongue bringing me closer and closer to coming. My body flushed all over. I put my hands over my tits and pinched my nipples. "I'm so close. Oh god." I rocked my hips against his face, fucking his mouth with my dripping pussy. My toes curled, and I lost control of my body.

"C'mon baby. Come for me. Come on my face, baby," he said, somehow getting his tongue to continue moving as he spoke.

As if a slingshot had been released, the blood in my pussy rocketed back into my body, bringing wave after wave of pleasure through my whole pelvis. My orgasm seemed to go on forever, but I finally relaxed, and Frank rested his stubbly cheek on my thigh.

I sighed, content and sleepy. I tousled Frank's hair and faded into a doze.

I thought it was a dream when Frank's finger poked inside me. He moved slowly at first, swirling inside, slipping easily in and out through my juices. I opened my eyes, and he smiled at me. "I'm still hard," he said. He was adorable.

He got to his knees and crawled toward me, grinning like a horny fool. I bent my knees and spread them wider, inviting him in. He slid inside and fucked me with a slow, steady rhythm. I wrapped my long legs around him and pulled his head to me so I could kiss him. Our tongues rubbed against each other, and I stroked his goatee with my hand. Finally, I broke the kiss. "From behind," I said.

"Ooh. Dirty girl," he said.

I stood and walked toward the window. The drapes were parted a crack, but I threw them open, exposing my naked torso to anyone on the sidewalk that looked up.

"What are you doing?" he asked. He sounded nervous.

"Fuck me."

"In front of the window? What if someone looks up?"

"Then they’ll see me. Are you chicken?" I teased. "I'm the one that's exposed here."

"Is there anybody out there?" He was so fucking cute when he thought I was crazy.

"Yeah, the sidewalk is still pretty busy," I said. "And look. There are people in the windows of that hotel across the street. Do you suppose they can tell I'm naked?"

A man in a window directly across from us pointed in our direction, and I got my answer. A fresh rush of heat flooded my pussy, and I moaned out loud. "Holy fuck."

"This is turning you on, isn't it?" he murmured in my ear.

"Yes it is.” I saw a man on the sidewalk below, pointing at us. "Oh my god. He sees us too. You need to fuck me." I bent over the windowsill and rested my forehead on the glass. I spread my legs wider, and Frank liked his cock against my pussy. He wasn't lying. He was still hard. “Watch me,” I said, talking to the men that couldn’t hear me, but could definitely see me.

As Frank rocked into me from behind, I turned my head a bit so that my cheek was pressed against the pane. The more he pumped, the higher my torso rose against the window until my tits were smushed against the cold glass. I could see the man below and across the way watching. The man on the sidewalk moved to lean against the building, out of the way of the other pedestrians. 

I flattened my palms against the glass as well, and I reveled in the cold spreading from the window to my body. It was a sharp contrast to the rising heat of my pussy as Frank fucked me harder. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, but not far enough to take my tits off the window. He growled in my ear, "You're lucky your mother is in the room next door, 'cause I would spank your ass so hard, right in front of those men that are watching you."

"Do you see them looking at me? Are they still watching me? Oh my god. We're gonna get kicked out of here."

"The guy in the window over there is holding up his phone. I bet he's taking a video of your slutty tits while I fuck you from behind."

I couldn't see while he kept my head pulled back.

"Oh, baby. Now there's a girl there with him. She's watching you too."

"Really?" I was so hot, so turned on. I knew I was gonna come again, but I wanted to make it last. I'd never wanted anyone to watch me before, and I needed this. All of it, as long as I could hold out. I tried to move my head to see the woman watching me, but Frank pulled my hair harder, restricting my movement.

"Really. Now it looks like he's jerking off. She's holding the phone, and his hand is in his pants."

I didn't know if he was lying or telling the truth, but the thought of a man jerking off while I got fucked and his girlfriend took video made me come so hard, I thought for sure the man on the side walk would hear.

"Oh shit. I'm coming again. Oh fuck." I tried to stay quiet, but it wasn't easy.

"Shh. I'm pretty close too," Frank said. "I didn't know you were into being watched. We gotta make this happen more often. But tomorrow … " I could tell he was about to come. He was breathing hard and fast, and he was having trouble speaking clearly. "Tomorrow … I'm gonna come up here when the kids are out with your parents and . . . "

He couldn't finish his sentence. As he pumped his second load of cum deep in my pussy, I waved. I hoped the men watching me would see and know I was waving to them. He grunted with each thrust, and he finally relaxed his grip on my hair.

When I looked down, I saw that the man on the sidewalk had left, and that there was a woman in the window with the other man. Both appeared to be clothed. She was talking on the phone, not taking video.

Frank relaxed, and his cock slid out of my pussy. I eased into bed as Frank turned out the lights.

"What is it that you're going to do to me tomorrow?" I asked. He'd left me hanging. I figured I'd be getting an epic spanking. The thought sent one last lightning bolt to my clit.

Just as he was about to answer, there was a knock at the door.





The End

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