Taste 2: Pittsburgh: M/M Sensory Deprivation 

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I lay there, unable to move, hard-on pointing to the sky, trying to grab a glimpse of something other than the inky blackness of Joe’s room. I heard his footsteps down the hall with the pitter-patter of Sid’s paws in tow, and he opened a door, drawers, and a sliding door, perhaps a closet. I took a deep breath, and focused on what it would be like to be in a relationship with Joe, gorgeous sports fan and amazing kisser.

It was a sweet vision. By the time his footsteps approached, I’d pictured it all—season tickets to the Flyers games, long evenings at Tommy’s, watching the Sixers, hot dogs and beer during the Phillies double-headers, bundling up in matching Eagles sweatshirts. It was crazy, but it felt right.

My anxiety increased the closer he got to the room. My heart pounded, and the door creaked open.

“I’m back, my pet,” Joe said. He put some stuff down on a piece of furniture and sat down on the bed. “Good thing the lights didn’t come back on while I was gone, huh?” He chuckled and touched my hair. “I’m gonna slip this over your eyes now. Just relax.”

I tried to relax, I really did, but I thought my heart would jump out of my ribcage and land on the bed. Once the soft blindfold was over my eyes, Joe’s fingers smoothed it against my face, and he kissed me again. “You okay?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir.” Saying it came with an ease I didn’t understand.

“Good. I’m going to touch you now, but neither of us will talk. Just feel. You good?”

“Yes, Sir.” In, out. I concentrated on breathing, trying to coordinate mine with his.

And then something tickled me, so gently, I wasn’t sure I really felt anything. Just a slight touch on the inside of my knee, which could have been the cat’s tail for all I knew. And then the other knee. I jumped, tugging at my restraints. The helplessness of not being able to move aroused me as much as whatever touched my skin. It traveled down to my ankle, skimming my leg hair before reversing direction and stopping just short of my balls. I groaned, eliciting a shush from Joe. I resolved to control myself.

Joe moved to the other leg and repeated the same motion. This time, the soft object outlined my sac, but I bit my lip to stifle my moan. He pulled away for a moment and returned with something different.

This item was sharp, but it didn’t hurt as it traced the length of my body, starting at my shoulder. Goosebumps erupted on every inch of my skin when the object ran down my side, over my hip, and down to my toes. I shuddered harder when he ran the point up one side of my cock and down the other.

I heard the item returned to the dresser or desk, and then he returned with the soft item. He started with my face this time. I wondered it if was a feather as it tickled my neck and then moved to my nipples. They hardened as the wispy ends circled each nub, and then he pulled it away, leaving me suffering in silence for a moment. My cock throbbed while I listened to my heart beating in my ears.

And then he hit me with a double attack—the soft thing and the pointy one together. Probably in the same hand. They ran up from my ankle to my crotch, and this time, he traced each testicle twice. He didn’t touch my shaft this time, leaving me hard and horny for more.

Another moment of quiet passed before something rubbery and nubby, maybe a sex toy, grazed each nipple. My nipples were so hard, I thought they’d pop off and roll away like marbles, but he pulled the nubs away with my nipples intact.

Absolute silence followed for a moment. He didn’t move, torturing me until, without warning, he gripped my cock, wrapping the nubs all the way around, as if he wore a crazy, sex-toy glove. I couldn’t help it. I moaned loudly.

“That’s your second noise infraction,” he said in a husky voice. “I will enjoy punishing you for that when you’re on your belly.”

I clenched my buns together instinctively, even though they were nestled into Joe’s memory-foam mattress. I didn’t know whether to dread or anticipate his hand across my bottom. My dick was too hard already to be any indication.

He jacked my cock three times, but before I could make a sound, he spoke again. “Or I could just gag you.”

My head shook vigorously. A gag scared the crap out of me, especially since I was at the mercy of a stranger.

“Don’t worry. I don’t want to do that tonight, either, pet.” He moved his nubby hand to my balls and gave them a gentle squeeze. I forced my breathing to even, and he moved the nubs back to my nipples, dragging them down my side back to my hard-on.

He gripped me tighter with the nubby glove and jerked my cock for a moment. My hips bucked into his hand, and he stopped. “No. You lie still. Third infraction.” He chuckled. “I’m probably going to need more than my hand at this rate. My tender palm can only take so much spanking, you know.” Sarcasm dripped from his voice, and I knew he could probably spank me for an hour before his hand hurt. He was just planting the seed of what was to come.

His bare hand moved to my nuts and squeezed gently. “I’m going to make you come until there’s nothing left in these big, heavy balls.” He rubbed my cock for a minute, and then he stopped. It was silent for a moment before he moved off the bed.

His footsteps didn’t leave the room this time, but after a moment, I heard the striking of a match. “What are you—”

“Quiet, sub. Fourth infraction.” He sat on the bed once again. “I’m not going to tell you what I’m doing right now, but if you don’t like it, say red right away and I’ll stop.”

The fear stabbed me in the stomach as the heavy smell of the match hit my nose, and I panted, trying to control it. He let me panic for a moment, and then I felt the burning on my arm, dribbling toward the sheet, but stopping before it left my skin. I tugged at the restraints but remained quiet. Joe followed it with the other arm. I breathed so heavily, I thought I’d have a heart attack, but he didn’t let up. The pain hit my left thigh before my right, but it wasn’t until the heat hit my abs and moved up to my nipple that I knew what Joe was doing to me.

He was pouring hot wax all over my skin. I opened my mouth to argue, but before a sound came out, he coated both nipples with the hot wax. I couldn’t hold back. The noise that spewed from my mouth wasn’t quite a scream, but it was close. I stifled it as quickly as I could, but he got the message.

“What color, pet?”

My mind raced as I breathed heavily, trying to calm myself. What do I say? I don’t want to disappoint him, but FUCK, that hurt.

“Yellow. Almost orange, really.”

He laughed softly. “I’ll take it easier. Was it okay before I hit your nipples?”

“Yeah. I mean, yes, Sir. Much closer to green. I can take more of that, I think.” I’d hardly finished the last word before heat splashed over my side.

“Your cock is raging hard. I think my sub likes a little bit of pain.” He chuckled as more wax hit my hip. The bed shifted as he rose and left the room again. I lay there as the wax hardened, and he returned right away this time.

The ice cube grazed my balls before he sat down, and the restraints were the only thing keeping me from leaping into the air. His chuckle was barely audible as he placed it firmly on the top of my sac, leaving it there until I squirmed. He removed it, but it was just a tease. This time the ice remained until it melted, running in rivulets down my skin. My balls throbbed, and so did my cock.

Then my poor, tortured left nut was surrounded by warmth and comfort as his mouth descended on me. I sighed with relief and pleasure, but before my lungs emptied, wax hit my inner thigh. My senses were confused. I didn’t know whether to scream in pain or ejaculate on the spot.

I did neither. I stayed still and breathed.

“Good pet,” Joe whispered. I smiled, happy to please him. “Good sub.” My heart swelled with pride, and I wondered how much time had passed since I’d balked at the label. Not much, I guessed, but enough for me to understand how arousing it was to give control to another man and let him use my body for his pleasure.

He moved away for a moment, leaving my head spinning. His footsteps approached, and I tensed, bracing myself for the wax. This time it was ice, directly on my cock, his hand trapping the small chips tightly against my skin as he pumped up and down.


I paused before answering, knowing I could take only another minute of the exquisite torture.


“Yellow. Yellow.”

He removed his hand right away, and didn’t hesitate before hitting my thigh with the wax, dangerously close to my balls.

My cock pulsed with need, but I couldn’t take any more.

“Shit. Still yellow.”

He stepped away, but not before dropping one splash on each nipple. I barely stifled my shriek when he changed it up again, trapping a large ice cube against my asshole. In the first seconds, the chill was exciting, but the chill turned to excruciating pain before I could enjoy it.

“Red, Sir. Red. Please, Sir.”

“Okay, my pet.” He removed the ice. The wax had hardened, and he flicked at it with his fingers, driving lightning bolts from my sensitive nipples right to my still raging cock. He soothed me with his soft hands, and I relaxed, certain this torture was over.

“But I think there’s one more thing I like that I think you will like as well. Can we try just one more thing with the ice, pet? A little later?”

I was afraid to answer. I didn’t want more ice. I wanted him to stick his cock up my ass and fuck me until—


Afraid to disappoint, I made up my mind. This man, whom I just met, could do anything to me at that moment. I was his.

Inhaling deeply, I agreed. “Yes, Sir. Please do what you want to me.”

His gasp was almost a sob, and it startled me. “Oh, Clarke. I didn’t expect this kind of submission tonight. Are you sure?”

“Now you’re scaring me,” I said with a nervous chuckle.

“No. It’s nothing scary. Not as painful as what I just did with the ice. But you know what, pet?”

“No, Sir.”

It was Joe’s turn to laugh. “Let’s wait. It will be better for me if we do that part right before . . . .” He trailed off as he touched my asshole with his finger for the first time. With a little pressure, he slipped it inside, just a bit. “You like that, pet?”

“Oh, yes. Please! Fuck me.”

He removed his finger abruptly. “That’s not your choice, sub. And it’s time for your spanking.” He chipped the rest of the wax off my nipples and bit each one, making me stifle another shout. “I’m going to unfasten you and turn you over in a minute.” Panic raced through me as I wondered how much pain I could take. How hard would he hit me? How many times?

I was terrified, partly from the pain, but mostly because I didn’t want Joe to be disappointed in me.

I felt him next to me, and I stiffened, waiting for the cuffs to pop open, but instead, I felt his breath tickling the hair on my balls. I wish I’d shaved them, but when I showered in the morning, I wasn’t planning to end it tied to a stranger’s bed, naked, waiting to see what he would torture me with next.

And then what could only be his tongue grazed my cock. I groaned, surprised at the turn this was taking.

“Oh, my little sub, your ass will be on fire when I finish with it.” He licked me again. “That’s five infractions so far.” He engulfed my cock to the root and sucked for a moment. Just when I relaxed into his rhythm, he stopped. “That’s enough for now.” He pulled off, eliciting another groan. “Yep. It’s time.”

His feet hit the floor and he released my bonds, one at a time. My heart pounded in my chest, but before he laid me back down for my punishment, he sat down and tugged my arm to sit on the bed next to him. “How are you doing, Clarke?”

His use of my name startled me. “Uh, okay, I guess.”

“No. I want to know if you like all of this. I could tell you didn’t love the wax. How about the ice?” He didn’t wait for me to respond. “No. We’ll talk about that later.” His lips crushed against mine, a complete one-eighty from the man who’d been in such tight control just a moment before. He wrapped his hand around my cock and gave me a quick handjob while his tongue attacked my mouth. I searched for his dick, but it was safely buckled away in his pants. I wondered how he had the restraint to keep the iron bar locked up.

Finally, he broke the kiss. “I’m not going to be able to play much longer without ramming my cock between your cheeks, Clarke. Would you like to suck my cock before your spanking?”

“Oh, thank god. I thought you were gonna stay in your pants all night.”

The Dom returned. “Sixth infraction, sub. You’ll have to wait until after I redden your ass now.”

Shit. He had amazing control.

He led me back to the bed, this time laying me on my stomach and clipping my cuffs to the straps in a hurry. Once I was restrained even tighter than before, with my cock poking into the memory foam as if it were fucking the mattress, he ran his soft palms up and down my body, head to foot, giving extra attention to my butt. Every time he grazed my cheeks, a new rush of fear and arousal coursed through my body.

“I’m going to start gentle and warm you up.”

When the first easy drop of his hand to my flesh made contact, my terror spiked. It wasn’t quite as gentle as I was expecting, and there were more, all over my ass and onto my legs. I hoped desperately that he wasn’t going to ask what color I was. I would disappoint him for sure, and it didn’t even hurt yet.

Finally, he rubbed my buns and said, “Are you ready to take your punishment, sub?”

Be brave and buck up. “Yes, Sir.”

“You had six infractions. That will be ten spanks for each.”

“Ten each?” My voice was the pitch of a little girl’s.

“Seven times ten, now,” he growled. “You keep making this hotter and hotter, little sub.” His finger grazed between my cheeks, but I stayed quiet this time. “The first forty will be with my hands. For each of the last three sets of ten, I will try a different paddle or flogger. When I finish, I will take a photo with your phone, so you can see how pretty you are with my hand prints all over your sweet little ass. Okay, pet?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Say please.”

“Please, Sir. Spank me.” I couldn’t believe the words coming out of my mouth.

“Good sub. You’ll count each swat. Remember your colors.”

Joe didn’t speak again through the first forty lashes of my spanking except to remind me that silence was part of my punishment and to ask my color after each set of ten.

The swats came slowly and deliberately, alternating cheeks for the first set. I was surprised how hard he hit me, and I feared what was to come. At the end of ten, he asked simply, “Color?”


The second set came harder and faster, and by the twentieth, I was breathing hard. Joe was not. “Color?”


On the third set, he peppered one cheek at a time with hard slaps, five on one, five on the other. I had trouble keeping up with the counting he spanked so fast. My ass was hot, and I didn’t think I could take another round of hand spanking, never mind a paddle.

“Color?” I hesitated, and he spanked both cheeks hard. “Do not hesitate. Color?”

“G-green, Sir.”

The fourth set was torture. He used both hands, nailing both cheeks at the same time, increasing in intensity until I thought his hands would fall off. Tears streamed from my eyes, and it was hard to keep my voice clear as I counted. I didn’t want him to know I was crying. I was afraid he’d stop.

He didn’t ask my color right away this time, and I was grateful. It gave me a minute to compose myself while he rubbed my stinging ass, running his fingernails gently over my skin. The tears continued to fall, even as the pain subsided, and I knew it was more than the pain and humiliation of having a gorgeous man I’d just met treating me like a bad child. He created feelings in me I’d never felt before, and in that moment, I would have given anything to stay with him forever, even if it meant I’d never sit comfortably again.

“What color, pet?” he asked in a husky voice.

“Green, Sir.”

“Are you sure?”

I knew I risked another ten lashes with god-knows-what, but I couldn’t hold it in. “If it turns you on, you can spank me all night.” I swallowed hard, almost wishing I could take it back. “Sir.”

He clicked his tongue. “My little sub is a masochist.”

“I’m a what now?”

This time his laughter was loud and happy. “Clarke, the pain is turning you on, isn’t it?” He didn’t wait for me to answer before burrowing his hand between my legs and grabbing my cock against the mattress. “You wouldn’t be this hard if you didn’t like it.”

“But I don’t wanna be a masochist.” I wished I could hide under a pillow, but I couldn’t move my arms or legs at all.

“Clarke, honey. We’re meant to be. I’ve got a little sadistic streak in me that fits right with your masochism. We’re perfect for each other. See?” I heard his belt buckle and zipper, and then he nestled his cock into my hand. With a moan, I squeezed it and tried to rub it. Another chuckle from Joe. “Sorry, pet. You can’t move.”

I supposed that he put his dick back into his pants, because when he walked by my foot to go to his toy bag, he rubbed his crotch against my foot. All I felt was fabric and the leather of his belt as it grazed my toes. And then he returned to the foot of the bed and whipped something scary through the air.

“It’s a flogger, sub. I’m going to warm up your back and your legs first, and I’ll tell you when to count.”

I took a deep breath and waited. The flogger was quick and rhythmic, starting on my shoulders and moving down. He skipped my lower back and went right to my thighs and down to my feet. He reversed direction, and when he reached my shoulders, he said, “Count.”

Now the flogger landed slower and with more force behind it, but it didn’t hurt like I thought it would. Each blow tingled, and even the last two, which landed on my well-spanked buns, weren’t unpleasant. I was disappointed as I said ten.

He was teasing when he asked, “You probably want ten more of those before we get back to your punishment, don’t you?”

I was not teasing when I said, “Please, Sir. Twenty more.”

His belt buckle jangled when he laughed. “Pain slut.”

The term was new to me, but sent a shiver through me, and I knew he was right. “Yes, Sir. I’m your pain slut.”

His Dominant armor cracked. He knelt on the bed and kissed my neck. I turned to meet his mouth and we kissed deeply. Lovingly. My heart melted, knowing this night was changing my life forever. After a moment, he rose. “Let’s finish this punishment before my cock bursts out of my boxers.”

The twenty lashes with the flogger went by just as quickly, even though he turned up the speed and strength of the blows. All up and down my body he struck, shoulders, my upper back, my ass, my legs. The last several were almost hard enough to make me cry out, but I kept quiet. My Dom wanted me silent; I wouldn’t disappoint.

“Almost done. Ten more with my paddle, and then you get to choose the last ten.” He chuckled. “I’m guessing it will be the flogger.”

The paddle was short and slim, and it stung a bit more than the flogger. I wondered what it looked like and what it was made of. The ten blows passed quickly, but the moment of truth snuck up on me. “Well, sub? What will it be? Hands? Paddle? We could try a heavier flogger, if you like.”

I shook my head, knowing he probably couldn’t see me in the dark. “No, Sir.” I paused, collecting my words. “I want you to use your belt.”

“Jesus Christ. Are you serious?”

“Yes, Sir. I am. Please pull your belt from your pants and punish me with it.” My cock throbbed as I spoke.

“Holy shit, Clarke. You are awesome.” Respect was evident in his voice.

The buckle jangled and then stopped as his hand closed over it, and the sound of the leather rubbing against the fabric of his pants terrified me and thrilled me at the same time. He snapped the leather together, causing me to jump.

“Ready for the last ten lashes of your punishment?”

Even as the words left my mouth, I couldn’t wrap my head around how a day that started like any other led to this. Tied to a man’s bed begging for him to hit me with his belt. I didn’t believe in love at first sight, but as the belt came down over my upper back and thighs, I wondered if that’s what was happening between us.

The last two lashes, straight across both buttocks were the hardest of all, and the crack of the leather was as arousing as the pain setting fire to my cheeks. Tears streamed down my face, falling to Joe’s sheets. I thought it was the pain making me cry, but it was more than that. My heart was about to burst with happiness, and I was on the verge of ejaculation from the naughtiness, the pain, the joy, and the love I felt for Joe and his sadistic streak.

“Good pet.” His hands soothed my skin, gently rubbing all over. You did very well. How do you feel?

“I’m about to come all over your bed. That was incredible.”

“Have you ever fantasized about BDSM? Watched it in porn or anything?”

“I guess I watched, but I never considered doing it.”

A flash of light permeated my blindfold and closed lids. “Are the lights back on?” I hoped they weren’t, which surprised me.

“No, sweet sub. I just took a picture of your sore, red bottom. I want you to see in the morning how much you liked the pain. So beautiful.” He went across the room again and returned with some lotion, which he warmed in his hands before smoothing it over the hot spots on my skin.

“Do you think we can do that again sometime?” There was none of his Dom voice present. He asked timidly, as if he was afraid I’d say no.

“Sir, I will do anything you ask me to.” I was sincere. I was falling for him fast and hard. And we hadn’t even made each other come yet.

The Dom returned, but only for a moment. “Be careful what you wish for, sub.” He laughed as he rose to free me. He pulled the cuffs off my wrists. “Next time we’ll do it with you tied up, but for now, let’s get to know each other, okay?”

“Yes, Sir.” I heard the smile in my own voice.

“The blindfold stays though.” His voice had a wicked edge to it.

Reaching for him, I sat on the bed and we kissed deeply. Grateful for the softness of his mattress, I still squirmed with discomfort. Joe took pity on me and pulled me down on top of him, easing my pain and making it easier for me to give my tongue one last turn around his mouth and then break the kiss. I gave him a soft peck on his lips before starting my journey down his body, planting kisses on his stubbly face, his neck, and nipples. When I reached his six-pack, I traced the contours of his muscles with my tongue.

He was in better shape than I was, which worried me a little, but I continued toward my target. I couldn’t see it, but when my chin grazed his cock, we both gasped. Running my hand up his leg, I reached his balls and held them in my hand. “Mmm. I love me some big balls,” I said, making us both laugh. I rolled them in my fingers for a moment and then crawled lower to take them into my mouth, one at a time. My hand wrapped around his huge shaft, and I stroked while I sucked each testicle into my mouth, covering every surface with my tongue.

His groan prompted me to turn my attention to the monster in my hand.  Slippery from his flow of pre-cum, I gave it two more pumps before opening my hand and licking the underside from root to sticky tip. I couldn’t remember the last time I tasted pre-cum (other than my own, of course), and the salty taste made my eyes roll back in my head with pleasure. “I haven’t sucked a cock in ages, Sir, and I don’t think I’ve ever sucked one this big.”

Placing his hand on my head, he guided me to the bulbous head and pushed, forcing my head down onto his huge erection. I opened wide and let him slide to the back of my mouth against my tongue. “Oh, Clarke. You are making me a very happy man tonight. Every time you call me Sir, it makes my heart soar.”

I couldn’t talk. His cock filled my mouth and tried to poke past my tonsils, gagging me. He held me there until I ran out of breath before releasing me. When I regained my ability to speak, I said, “I have never been able to deep-throat, but I think your guidance will make it happen.”

“Not tonight, pet, but I’d love to teach you. For now, just blow me. Suck my cock and get it ready for your hot little ass.” He ruffled my hair while I returned to my blowjob. I took as much of him in as I could and I lashed my tongue up and down his length. He was long enough to wrap two fingers around the base of his cock, and I jacked my hand, slapping against my lips in a rhythm which made my hips rock in time. He bucked against my face, so I nipped at him with my teeth to test the waters. He pulled my hair at the same pace, pulling harder, stinging my scalp as my cock raged untouched. The root of his dick pulsed against my tongue and I braced myself for his load.

Instead, he yanked me by the hair, popping his cock out of my mouth and knocking me off balance. He caught me before I tumbled off the bed, and kissed me. “It’s time for me to take that ass of yours. How about you get on your hands and knees and wait for me.”

“Wait. Are the lights still out?” I’d forgotten I was blindfolded.

“Yes. Leave the blindfold though. I’ll be right back.”

I groaned when I heard him getting more ice. I wasn’t crazy about it, especially when it was pressed against my asshole all that time. I didn’t have time to worry for long, though. He returned right away.

“Just one more thing with the ice, pet. Do you think you can try? This will feel as good for me as it will for you.” The hope in his voice was adorable.

“Please don’t leave it like you did last time, okay?”

“This will feel different. I promise. I’ve done it myself, just for the fun of it.” The foil condom wrapper crinkled, and he opened the lid on the lube. Before I could hope it was a good one, he assured me. “It’s Astroglide silicone, pet. No worries.”

“Good. It’s been awhile.” I laughed my nervousness away, forgetting about the ice.

He positioned himself behind me. “Relax, pet. I’m going to put a sliver of ice in your anus.” I tightened up before he could touch me. “It will not feel like it did before. Stop clenching and let me insert it.”


“Silence, sub. I want to feel the ice on my cock while I fuck your ass. You won’t believe how good this is.”

I took a deep breath, and his cold fingers separated my cheeks. Bracing myself, droplets of melted ice dripped onto my asshole. Another breath, and his warm tongue touched my pucker. “Ooh!” I laughed at how silly it sounded, but I stopped as his tongue slipped inside, breaching my first ring. “I haven’t had a rimjob since I was twenty.” It came out as a groan, but with his tongue pressing farther into my anus, I couldn’t speak clearly.

His tongue reversed direction just as slowly as it had entered. In and out with the ice water still falling in drops on my ass and legs. I reached for my cock, and without pulling his tongue out of my butt, Joe said, “Not yet, sub.” I returned my hand to the bed, needing release, but following my Dom’s command. He knew what I needed; he’d take care of me.

When he finished savoring my asshole, he planted gentle kisses all around, a preemptive soother for the pain his monster cock would inflict. I knew he wouldn’t be gentle, and I was grateful. His tongue slipped from my hole, and I waited.

The ice against my asshole elicited a yelp like that of a Bichon Frisé, but neither of us laughed. It was no mere sliver, but the chunk of ice slipped inside with ease. After the initial panic passed, I realized he was right. It was nothing like the agony I’d felt earlier. I felt the burn, but instead of causing real pain, it sent pulses of arousal straight to my already throbbing cock.

Joe didn’t leave me time to think. “I don’t want the ice to melt before I get in there, pet.”

“It’s been a long time.” My warning was weak. I wanted him to slam inside me and wake up the dormant nerve endings in my canal. I wanted the stabs of white-hot pain to shoot through my underused rectum as his cock searched for my prostate. I wanted it all. I wanted him.

“Oh, pet. Hold on.” With no hesitation, he slid in to the hilt. I opened for him, welcoming him to his new home inside me.

“Oh, Clarke. You are exquisitely tight. Like a virgin.”

“It’s been so long since anyone’s fucked me.” I gasped as pain shot through my midsection. “You are fucking huge, Sir.”

“Am I hurting you?”

“Yes. Fuck me harder.”

“Oh, my pet. We are going to be so happy together. You are such a pain slut. I love it.” I expected laughter, but he was serious. If he continued fucking me like this, I would come without touching my dick.

The pain passed into the part of anal when the fat dick in my ass hit hot spot after hot spot, and the occasional painful twinge served to balance the bliss surging through my body. My orgasm bubbled just beneath the surface, still with no contact to my cock. It bobbed in front of me, hitting my thighs and my stomach as Joe’s battering assault continued.

“Don’t come, pet. Don’t come until I give you my permission.” He grunted the words, unable to speak. “I’m gonna come in your sweet little ass though. Here. I. Come.” The last words came in a guttural growl which lasted as long as the jets of cum from his cock. Each spasm jumped against my sensitive insides, driving my own orgasm closer.

“Sir, I can’t wait. May I please touch my cock now?”

He didn’t answer, but I did not make the mistake of taking his silence as permission. I gritted my teeth and fought to maintain control. He rose from the bed, leaving me alone with my raging erection, but he returned right away.

Pulling me from my hands up and leaving me on my knees, he kissed me and said, “As soon as you clean up your mess, I will let you come.” He stood on the bed, lining his cock up with my mouth. “Lick up your mess like a good pet. Don’t leave a single drop of your cum to mess my bed.”

Back into my mouth he went, his sour spunk spreading across my tongue. I sucked it off his softening dick, licked it from his balls, and wiped all around with my finger and then sucking my finger clean. My hard-on still raged, but my urgent need to ejaculate had passed. “Clean, Sir?” I leaned my head against his thigh, waiting quietly while he checked my work.

“Excellent job, my pet.” He climbed down from the mattress where he stood. “Lie back now. I’m going to suck you off, but you are not allowed to come until I grant you permission.”

I nodded, knowing he couldn’t see me. He parted my thighs with his hands and kissed my balls. When he finally took my cock into his mouth, I feared shooting into his mouth with no warning, never mind permission.

I needn’t have worried. Joe was an expert at the art of edging. He lashed my cock with his tongue, biting gently, first with his lips stretched over his teeth, and eventually with his teeth. No one had ever bitten my cock before, and I had the sudden, crazy need to have my ass stuffed and my cock bitten at the same time.

As if he heard my thoughts, Joe stuck what I thought was three fingers into my ass as he bit harder than before, just under the head.

Returning to sucking, he coaxed the cum to the brink, and I knew I couldn’t last.

“Ask me, sub. Ask permission.”

“Can I come?”

He pulled off my cock and pulled the slippery fingers from my ass. “Not when you ask like that!” He slapped my thighs, doing nothing to remedy the situation. I was too close to losing control.

“May I please come, Sir?”

“That’s better, sub. You may not, but soon.” He resumed sucking, swirling his tongue around the head, poking his tongue into my slit. Taking my entire cock in his mouth, he pulled at my balls.


I fisted the sheets, trying to keep from coming without his permission, which was suddenly incredibly important to me. I couldn’t disappoint him. “Please, Sir. May I come? Please. I have to come.”

“You may, my pet.” He hadn’t finished the sentence when the spasms deep in my balls started. My cock twitched against his tongue in a series of pulses. When the first gob splashed onto his tongue, I babbled. “Thank you. Thank you, Sir, for letting me come. Thank you for sucking my cock and eating my ass and fucking the living daylights out of me. Thank you, Sir.”

My body relaxed, totally spent, and I dropped to the bed, my limbs as limp as my dick. I had nothing left. Joe helped me get a pillow under my head, kissed me, and spooned behind me with his arms around me. “Go to sleep, pet. You’ve had a big night.”

I realized as I drifted off that I was still wearing the blindfold, but I was too tired to take it off. “Were you pleased with me tonight, Sir?”

“Oh, my pet. We are going to be so happy together. You are everything I need, and I think I fit the bill for you, too. Little pain slut.” He gave a sleepy snort and kissed my head.

The last thing I remember before I fell asleep was mumbling, “We’re gonna have to send Stella Bella a fruit basket in the morning.”

* * * * 



An unfamiliar alarm woke me, and I panicked when I opened my eyes and saw nothing but a light haze filtering through the covering on my eyes. “What the—?”

“Hey, relax. I’ll get that blindfold.” It took a second for me to identify the voice. “It’s me, Joe. You’re in my room.” He sat up next to me, pausing before he took it off. “Keep your eyes closed though. The snow out there is making it terribly bright out there.” He slipped it over my head and then smoothed down my bed head.

“Okay,” I said, pulling the pillow over my eyes.

“How’s your backside feeling?” He ran a hand down my chest.

I wiggled against the sheets, instantly regretting it. “Sore. Very sore.” I rolled onto my belly, allowing him to caress my achy skin. I opened my eyes as he leaned in to kiss me. His face filled my vision; he was even better looking with his morning scruff and crazy hair.

“So how do you feel about what happened last night?”

“I kind of thought it was a dream. A nice one.” I chuckled. “I mean, it seems kind of unreal that I met a gorgeous guy who likes sports, right?”

He put his lips around my earlobe and spoke in a low voice. “Clarke, last night was better than any dream. I’ve never believed in love at first sight, but—”

“Me, either! But seriously. While you had me tied up, I was thinking how perfect it felt. I planned half our future!” He laughed and tousled my hair. It felt more and more right every time he touched me. “Seriously. At one point, I pictured the two of us trimming our Christmas tree. Wait till you see my collection of sports ornaments. Phillies, Sixers, Eagles, and of course, my Flyers.”

As I said it, I rolled onto my back and opened my eyes. My vision was blurred, but I could clearly see that there was a man on the ceiling. “What the fuck?” I blinked several times, trying to clear my eyes. As the life-sized decal came into focus, I recognized him. “Sidney fucking Crosby? Are you serious?”


Joe grinned sheepishly. “I’m sorry, man. I didn’t think to tell you. I’m from Pittsburgh. I just moved here two years ago when I thought I was in love with a guy who dumped me a month later.”

I sat up and looked around, feeling as though the world was tilting out from under me. Not because he mentioned a previous relationship, but because of Pittsburgh. Everything in the room was black and gold. Steelers and Pirates crap lined the walls. Posters of the Penguins passing around the Stanley Cup lined his closet door. The disappointment settled into the lines on my face as I looked back up at Sid the Kid, the friggin’ Pittsburgh Penguins superstar. As if to punctuate my horror, Sid the cat leapt onto the bed and nuzzled my hand.

“You know I’m named for Bobby Clarke, right?” I said. His eyes flew open. Bobby Clarke, the most famous Flyer ever, was one of the best hockey players of all time. The rivalry between the Flyers and the Penguins was born during his reign. “I was born on his birthday. My old man was thrilled.”

Joe snickered. “Well, I hope this isn’t a deal breaker for you, but I’m named after Mean Joe Green.” He pointed to the shrine in the corner featuring the legendary defensive tackle for the Steelers.

Our perfect night, destroyed by the fundamental difference which has killed potential relationships since the dawn of sports rivalry. We stared at each other, mirroring a look of dismay. We cracked up at the same time, falling into each other’s arms.

“I think we just made a Geico commercial,” I said, referring to the ad in which an LA Kings fan and a San José Sharks fan meet on a blind date and upon spying the other’s jersey, walk away without saying a word to each other. I kissed him, feeling his grin against my lips.

“Wait.” I pulled back and cocked an eyebrow. “Did Stella know about this Pittsburgh thing?”

“Of course! She puts on the Pittsburgh games for me.” My eyes widened. It was an unwritten rule at Tommy’s. No Pittsburgh on the TVs. “I tip her really well.”

“Jeez. So last night was a fluke. Any other night you’d be cheering for the wrong team.” I shook my head at the serendipity of meeting him, silently thanking Stella for omitting that nugget of information.

“Last night was the Sixers on the TV in the bar. Pittsburgh doesn’t have a basketball team.”

I sighed. “I guess we’re gonna have to watch a lot of basketball then.” We kissed again, sealing the deal. We were gonna give this relationship a try.

“Yeah. I guess the question is,” he said with a wicked twinkle in his eye, “do we split the Christmas tree in half? Or do we have one for Philadelphia, and a bigger one for Pittsburgh?

I laughed from the bottom of my belly and he smothered my mouth with his, stifling my answer. “Fucking Pittsburgh.”

He laughed too. “Fucking Philly.”


The End

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