After the Wicked Hot Swing Part 1- Amy's Co-Workers Think She Is a Prude

Wicked Hot is a story about a monogamous couple who'd been together since high school--Kevin and Amy Connors. When they take a weekend camping trip during a heatwave, they meet Deacon and Tina Carter, who talk the Connors into having sex with them. The following chapter takes place months after their trip, when they finally begin seeking their next swinging experience.

The last episode on this blog was a much longer read. I think it'll be more fun to write if I keep it to ten-minute bites per installment. But don't worry, every #NextChapter will be #filthyrottendirty.

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The PTA fought their best fight, but even with support from the community, business owners, and church committees, the vote to allow Mitch Anderson to convert his aging tavern to a strip club passed. The town council's official statement was the final word on the matter. "Mitch's Tavern is on the outskirts of West Lake, bordering on East Lake, close enough to bring revenue into town, but far enough from the good people of West Lake to keep our children safe."

The outrage continued during construction, but in the end, the builders finished ahead of schedule, and Mitch's Gentleman's Club opened to the public in October. Just as the council had implied, the club's proximity to East Lake and its working-class population proved profitable for everyone, and the business thrived.

Kevin Connors and his wife Amy had attended the meetings to block the strip club only because it was what all the responsible adults in West Lake were doing, especially those with kids. It was during this fight against depravity that Kevin and Amy discovered themselves and realized there was more to life than monogamy. They went on a wicked hot camping trip, let go of everything they believed about themselves, and fucked another couple.

The shame Amy expected never arrived. She woke up the next morning able to look herself in the mirror and her new lovers in the eyes. They'd never see Deacon and Tina Carter from Arkansas again, but the hunger to experience raw, carnal sex with other people remained. It simmered below the surface at first. They were content to reminisce while Amy's lips were wrapped around Kevin's cock about Amy eating Tina out or to watch swinger porn on the Internet and wonder aloud when they might meet another couple for a swap. As time went on, however, Amy's hunger for pussy grew, and with it, Kevin's need for another swing.

Kevin's wicked sense of humor was a poker to Amy's smoldering craving. He hid nude photos in her lunch bag, in her wallet, and in her underwear drawer. He sent her lesbian memes while she was at work, just to make her blush in front of her friends. For Halloween, he chose her costume--slutty nurse. He didn't run out to the costume shop though. His partner's wife was a seamstress, so he sent a pair of Amy's scrubs to her for extreme alterations--a super low-cut top, spaghetti straps, and bottoms turned to a mini skirt. With the garter belt he purchased to go with it, Amy looked like a stripper. Especially when Kevin slipped dollar bills into her garters all night long at the Fosters' Halloween party.

One night in the ER, the head of the ER nursing department head, Anna, slapped a flyer down on the desk in front of her, making her jump a mile. "Ladies' Night at Mitch's," read the headline.

"What the hell is this?" Amy said, eyes wide.

"Ladies' Night. We're going for Kayla's bachelorette party. I'm getting coverage for all of us, and we're going. Even you, Miss Prude."

"Prude?" Amy said, blushing. "I'm no prude!"

"Ha!" Carleen said as she grabbed the paper from Amy's hand. "We saw your picture in the newspaper at that meeting to protest the Club!"

Anna pointed a finger right in Amy's face. "That's right! See? I'm right. You are a prude!"

Amy scrambled for an answer. "But, I'm on the PTA! They made us go! I didn't care whether they opened a strip club or not!"

Carleen laughed. "Have you ever been there?"

"No! Why would I go watch women dancing naked?" Amy tried to get up from the desk, but the other women kept her pinned in her chair.

"They have Ladies' Night once a week, Amy. You've never been to watch the male strippers either, have you." Carleen's accusation wasn't a question.

"Well, no, but I haven't really had the opportunity! The PTA moms wouldn't be caught dead in that place." Amy squirmed in her chair, trying to get out of the conversation.

Anna smirked. "Now you have your opportunity. Next Thursday. No getting out of it."

"Sure," Amy said weakly. "I'll be there."

* * * * *

Kevin was sound asleep when Amy crawled into bed after her shift ended. She elbowed him awake. "Kevin."

He groaned and rolled toward her. "What? Is everything okay?"

"Fine. Fine. No. The girls at work were driving me nuts tonight. They think I'm a prude!"

"Ha. Wouldn't they be surprised if they knew the dirty truth?" He yawned and stretched and wrapped his arms around his wife. "How did it come up?"

"Kayla's bachelorette party is at Mitch's for Ladies' Night."

"Ooh. Ladies' Night, huh? They really don't know you, do they?"

Amy smacked him on the arm. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"It's supposed to mean that you would be just as happy to watch women stripping, duh."

"Ugh. You're not helping." She flopped onto the pillow. "I don't even know what I'll wear to this. I don't want them thinking I'm a slut, but I don't want to be a prude, either."

Kevin reached for her breast. "Would it help you feel less prudish if you gave me a blowjob? I'd be glad to help you out there." He gave her nipple a pinch.

"Two minutes ago you were sleeping, and now, you want me to suck your dick?"

"I'm a guy, Amy. That's how we operate." He pulled back and tugged his boxers down to show her his hard-on. "See? You say 'strip club,' my dick hears 'We're going in Amy's mouth!'" He moved his hand to the ends of her hair near her hear and gave a slight tug toward his midsection. "You could make it super slutty. We could pretend your coworkers were watching."

The hidden exhibitionist in Amy woke up. "Oh, are they? Where are they standing?"

Kevin played along. "Over at the table in the corner." He pointed at the corner of the bedroom, near the closet. "Here. I'll just lean against the bar, and you can do me right here." He climbed out of the bed, his cock bobbing in front of him. He didn't bother to tuck it back into his boxers. He leaned back against the dresser on his side of the bed and waited.

Amy leaped from the bed and stripped her nightgown off. She wasn't wearing panties. After locking the bedroom door, she knelt on the plush carpet in front of her husband. "Do you think they have a good view?"

Kevin turned and clicked on the small lamp on the dresser and then bent and put his hands over Amy's tits. "I certainly have the perfect view." He cupped them and flicked her nipples with his thumbs. "And it will get even better when you open your mouth and suck me."

Smiling, Amy stuck out her tongue and touched the tip of his cock, just long enough to connect with the pre-cum there and stretch it out as she pulled back. When the slippery strand broke, she leaned in for another taste. This time, she put the head of his cock against her closed lips and sat still, waiting, with her hands resting on her own thighs.

After seconds that felt like minutes, Kevin pressed forward with his pelvis until his cock reached the moisture behind her lips. As he breached the barrier she'd held fast, she laughed, vibrating against the head until it fully penetrated her mouth and came to rest on her warm tongue.

Kevin groaned at the pleasure of this unexpected treat, and then Amy moved her tongue, slowly at first. She poked at the slit, dripping with the salty pre-cum she loved, until it was clean. For the moment, anyway. As soon as she swirled her tongue around the spongy bulb in her mouth, Kevin shuddered and his cock dripped again, signaling his arousal to his wife's taste buds.

"Mmm." Her lips buzzed around his cock, driving him to push again, sliding his cock to the back of Amy's mouth. He gave a quick poke to the entrance to her throat and then grabbed the hair at the back of her head. She gave her head a shake in mock opposition to his deep-throat suggestion, spurring Kevin's lust further. He gripped her hair tighter, sending a rush of heat to her pussy. When she squirmed against his fist in her hair, her pussy lips slipped against the back of her leg.

With a harder poke to the throat, Kevin growled at his wife, "They're all watching me fuck your throat like a little slut." Amy tried to look to the corner for her invisible audience, but once again, Kevin tugged her hair, eliciting lusty yelp. "Look at me, slut. Keep your eyes on mine."

Amy's eyes streamed with tears from the pain in her scalp and the cock nudging her throat, but she kept them open and fixed on her husband. She hadn't been horny when she walked through the bedroom door that night, but each tug on her hair filled her with lust. She closed her mouth around the warm, hard flesh in her mouth and began to suck.

As much fun as deep-throating Amy was, it was the suction and lapping of Amy's tongue which would bring him to orgasm. When Amy sucked him in, he eased his grip on her hair to allow her to move her head. After the sucking came the licking. Top to bottom, short strokes and long, around the head and along the shaft, down as far as the top of his balls. Her hands cupped his buns, drawing him closer, making the oral sex even more intimate.

He fucked her mouth as fast as she flicked her tongue up and down his length, pressure building in his balls, driving toward the explosion he craved.

Amy muttered with her mouth full of cock, muffling her words, "Come for me, Kev. Come in my mouth." She braced herself for the flood of hot cum, silently coaching him now.

Kevin pounded his hips into Amy's face, his balls slapping against her chin, over and over until he stopped without warning. He pulled his cock from Amy's mouth, fooling her into thinking she was about to get a facial. Exercising extreme control, he smiled and took Amy by the hand. He led her to the bed and pushed her onto her back.

"I thought you were gonna come in my mouth!" Amy said, panting.

Without a word, he forced her legs apart and dove between her thighs, leading with his long tongue. He didn't mess around. He knew his wife was turned on, probably to a ten. He went right for her clit, licking it hard and then sucking it into his mouth.

"Oh, my god. Kev...I didn't expect this tonight. That is so good. So fucking good." It was Amy's turn to wrap her fingers in Kevin's hair, but she was gentle, **tugging his hair to guide his tongue to the spots in need of his attention**. It worked. Her first orgasm hit within minutes, and Kevin followed that with his fingers against her G-spot, rubbing and then circling and then tapping the spongy spot to drive her wild.

Her second orgasm was a wet one, spraying her cum all over Kevin's face and head. "That's my girl," he said with a drippy grin. "You ready for more?"

"Fuck me, Kev. I got nothing left. Just fuck me."

Kevin flopped onto the bed, grimacing at the wetness which had turned cold quite quickly. "Yikes! You got it all over my side of the bed!"

Amy chuckled, too tired to laugh. She flopped onto her back on her side of the bed. "Well, come on over here. I'm too sleepy to be on top."

Kevin climbed over, kissing her on the nose as he settled between her legs. There was no friction as he entered her, and he drove all the way inside with one thrust. His need to come had eased while he ate his wife, but his erection remained rock hard. "I think your friends in the corner are checking out my ass."

"Yeah, I'm not sure why they're still here." The audience charade was a new one for the Connors, but they were accustomed to keeping it going until the whole scene had played out.

Kevin kissed her again. "I thought they were here to see what a fucking slut my wife is, so I better fuck the hell out of you." Knowing Amy was about to drift off, he pumped faster, the imaginary eyes on his ass driving him toward climax.

"They're saying your butt is so muscular," Amy murmured. "They think I'm the luckiest slut alive to have you to fuck me." She paused. "What's that? Anna wants you to fuck her over the foot of the bed when you're done with me."

She'd barely finished the sentence when Kevin's whole body clenched. He fell into Amy's pussy, harder than ever and he spurted, over and over, dumping his cum into his wife. He collapsed against her breasts, panting into her ear. "I love you so much, Amy. I love you, babe."

Amy was already asleep when Kevin chuckled. "Looks like we're both sleeping in the wet spot tonight."

To be continued in After the Wicked Hot Swing Part 2- The Bachelorette Party.

**My sons are playing in the pool at the campground while I write. When I was writing about Amy guiding Kevin's tongue by tugging his hair, I was chuckling to myself that it was like Remy in Ratatouille. About ten minutes later, I heard from the pool, "Are you trying to Ratatouille me?" My 14 year old was carrying my 11 year old on his shoulders, and he was steering his older brother by the hair. Weirdos. I wonder where they get it.**

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