After the Seaweed Mask

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Under the Seaweed Mask is a super-short, #filthyrottendirty tale about mistaken identity. Leslie is Mrs. Harrison's assistant. Mr. H arranges a spa day for his wife on the same day as a golf tournament she'd been planning for months to attend. Mrs. H asks Leslie to fill in for her, thinking that Mr. H wouldn't find out.

At the spa, Leslie finds out that this wasn't an ordinary massage and facial. To fulfill Mrs. H's fantasy, he's arranged for Marnie, wife of his colleague and member of the lifestyle club the Harrisons attend, to give Mrs. H her first experience with a woman. Leslie's never had such a fantasy, yet she finds herself on the massage table, naked and exposed, with a woman touching her sexually.

The tale ends with Mr. H and Jack Rogers, Marnie's husband, promising to tan their wives' hides for their roles in the mix-up, and at the last second, Leslie's suggestion to keep Mrs. H in the dark about the discovery in order not to disrupt her golf game earns her a place at the spanking table as well.

This is where we pick up for this installment of our tale.

After the Seaweed Mask by Patient Lee

Bonus Scene to Under the Seaweed Mask

True to his word, Mr. Harrison led me to his car and we sped to the golf course to watch Mrs. H finish the tournament. We stayed out of sight, and managed to catch her on the last two holes. She didn't win, but she radiated happiness as she made her way across the parking lot to her car. We ran ahead, and Mr. H told me to sit in the back seat. He sat in the passenger's seat. When she opened the car door, her face fell.

"God dammit, Tom." Then she spied me in the back. "I guess we didn't get away with it, huh, Leslie?"

"You have no idea, Mrs. H."

Mr. H didn't explain anything to her, and I wasn't about to open my mouth, so it was a quiet ride. Mrs. H was usually chipper and talkative, but after eighteen holes of golf and the disappointment of getting caught skipping out on the spa day, she put the car in drive and pulled out of the parking lot.

Mr. H finally broke the silence. "Have either of you eaten?"

"I'm hungry and thirsty, and I need a shower," Mrs. H said.

"Same," was all I could muster for a reply.

"Head home, then," Mr. H said before tightening his lips once again.

"Should I drop Leslie off?" she asked.

"Just drive."

Apparently Mr. H ordered pizza while we were on the way because it arrived shortly after we did. No one spoke during dinner, which terrified me. Mrs. H didn't appear frightened, just apprehensive. I supposed she was bracing herself for the fight that would come after they dropped me off at the spa, where my car was still parked.

When we finished eating, Mr. H told his wife to go to their room and take a shower.

Her reply surprised me. "Yes, Sir." I'd never heard her address him as anything other than Tom at work.

When she reached the top of the stairs, he turned to me and smiled. "You don't need to be anywhere right now, do you?"

I chuckled. "Well, my cat will be pretty pissed that his dinner is late, but other than that, I'm free. It's a work night, though, so I better not be out too late."

His smile was warm. Nothing like the looks he'd been giving his wife. "C'mon. You can shower in this bathroom. Then I'm taking the two of you to the club."

My eyes popped open with terror.

"Leslie, after what I witnessed today, I can say with confidence that you'll enjoy it. We'll all talk once we get there, and we'll see what you'll be comfortable with. Think about it in the shower."

I hesitated. "Mr. Harrison, I'm not really sure what you want me to think about."

He picked up my hand and looked me in the eye. "My wife has always fantasized about having sex with another woman, but she just got the courage to ask me to set it up for her a few weeks ago. You took that experience away from her today."

"But I didn't--"

"I know. This was her fault, and I'll continue to punish her for deceiving me."


"She can't stand the silence. She knows what's coming. It's probably taking every ounce of restraint to keep from masturbating in the shower right now in anticipation."

I could hardly breathe. "Anticipation of what?" My voice was a whisper.

"We already talked about this, Leslie." His tone turned condescending. "She's going to get spanked."

"You were serious about that?"

"Of course. We live a BDSM lifestyle, but we also practice domestic discipline. Rather than fight about things, we settle them with corporal punishment. My third marriage taught me that fighting wasn't worth it. Airing our differences and then putting them to bed with a thorough spanking has been much more effective. It's how we stay married."

"And she agrees to this?" I was outraged. Mrs. H was a smart, strong woman. I couldn't imagine her allowing herself to be spanked like a child.

"Leslie, don't pretend you don't understand. I saw your face when I swatted your ass at the spa today. You're a masochist, just like she is." The heat rushed to my face. I thought it was anger, but he laughed. "You're blushing. You know exactly what I'm talking about. You can't wait to feel the sting on your ass again."

I shook my head.

"Are you a virgin, Leslie?"

"No! I mean, it's been awhile, but--"

"You can't tell me that no man has ever spanked your ass while he fucked you from behind." He reached up behind me and gave my hair a tug forcing a gasp from my mouth and a rush in my pussy. His low chuckle scared me and turned me on at the same time. "Oh, kitten. You're perfect." He released my hair and handed me a towel from the closet. "Hurry. Yvette will be ready shortly." Just before the door clicked shut, his final words hit my ears. "Don't you dare masturbate in there."

I couldn't see the woman at the club's check-in desk through the blindfold Mr. H made me wear, but her voice brought to mind a "madam of the whorehouse" image, loud and sultry. My head was down, and I tried not to tremble. "Oh, honey. You just relax. Ain't nothing gonna happen here that you don't want to happen." I shrugged. "And that blindfold can come off in just a minute. Our guest policy is strict.

"And Sir, your friend called earlier. He had to cancel for tonight, so you and your ladies will be alone in the Principal's Office."

"Thank you," said Mr. H.

"I'll take your coat, ma'am." I didn't know who she was talking to, but I couldn't imagine anyone wearing a coat. It was the middle of summer, for crying out loud.

Before I could react, Mr. H grabbed my left hand, Mrs. H grabbed my right, and we made our way through the crowd.

When we stopped, Mr. H took me by the shoulders and turned me to my right. He removed my blindfold. The plaque on the door read Principal's Office. I gulped as he pushed the door open and we stepped into the dark room.

Mr. H flipped on the light, making me squint. The room was as advertised. There was an oversize wooden desk with a luxurious leather chair behind it. Two smaller chairs sat opposite.

There were filing cabinets, bookcases packed with old books, framed diplomas on the wall, and a large brass desk plate--PRINCIPAL. A large padlock protected the cabinet to the right of the leather chair, and just as I was about to ask about it, I heard the jangle of the keys in Mr. H's hand. "Have a seat, please, so we can discuss what happened today." He wore a three-piece suit, one I hadn't seen at work. He was playing the part of the principal for sure.

I lowered myself into the left chair and looked over my right shoulder. Mrs. H wore nothing but stilettos and a leather collar around her neck. I gasped and fell into the seat.

"Mrs. H!"

She grinned sheepishly. "Well, Leslie, now you know my secret." She dipped her head to meet my eyes. I hadn't realized I was staring at her tits.

"I'm sorry, ma'am. I didn't--"

"It's okay, Leslie. I know it's a shock."

"You are gorgeous," was all I could make out. She was. Her skin was rosy with hints of freckles, probably from the golf tournament. I knew her figure was perfect because I'd seen her in skin-tight dresses from time to time, but I never thought about what was under those clothes. I never imagined how round and full her breasts were, and the wine color of her nipples made me want to put them in my mouth.

"Let's talk, ladies," said Mr. H. He turned to his wife. "I was wrong, Yvette, to assume you were free. I think you tried to tell me, but I didn't pay attention to you. That was my fault, but it doesn't excuse you from your deceptive behavior today. You will be punished here tonight before we move on."

Mrs. H nodded in silence.

Then he turned to me. "Did you enjoy yourself this morning?"

"Yes, I did."

"Leslie, when we're in this room, you'll call me Sir."

"Yes, Sir. I did enjoy myself."

"Very good. Now. You don't have to do anything you don't want to here tonight. You can leave your clothes on if you wish. That's not what I'm hoping for, of course, but I'm not going to make you do anything."

I nodded, but I was confused. "So what do you hope for?"

His warm smile returned. "Well, first Yvette is going to lean over the desk and take her spanking like a good girl. When her bottom is nice and red, she can stop feeling guilty about deceiving me."

She nodded and smiled, which seemed so bizarre. My boss, naked and collared, agreeing to be spanked over the principal's desk didn't make sense to me.

"Will I step out for that?" I didn't know if I wanted to see this or not.

"Hell, no, kitten." His laugh was loud and genuine. "You're going to watch." His smile disappeared. "And you're going to learn."

"Learn what? How to spank her?"

"Oh, kitten. Remember what we said at my house? Remember when I asked if your boyfriends had ever spanked you? Remember the arousal in your pussy when I pulled your hair?"

Sure, I remembered it. I was feeling it all over again. I nodded.

"Yvette is going to teach you how to take your spanking." He paused while his words sank in. "And if you're both good girls, I'll allow you to give her back what you took from her today."

The confusion felt permanent. My face twisted in misunderstanding.

He sighed. "Leslie, I will let you fuck my wife. I know you want to. You're practically drooling."

I relaxed back into the chair. "Oh! I thought you thought I stole something."

"Wait a minute," said Mrs. H, breaking her submissive character. "What the hell are you talking about? What did she take from me? What is going on?" She crossed her arms over her breasts.

Mr. H leaned forward in the leather chair. "You want to tell her, kitten?"

I turned to my boss. "The spa appointment wasn't a spa appointment. Your friend, Marnie," I paused, looking for the right words, "touched me."

Horror flashed across her face. "She did what? She hurt you?"

"No! Not like that." I looked to Mr. H to save me.

"There was no spa review, Yvette. I was making your fantasy come true. Marnie was going to give you the lesbian experience you always wanted."

Mrs. H's face reddened, which surprised me. She'd been sitting there naked, and that hadn't embarrassed her.

"So why did Marnie touch Leslie then? When she saw it wasn't me, why didn't she stop?"

"My face was covered in green goop!"

Mr. H laughed. "And she had cucumbers covering her eyes. I didn't recognize her either."

"You were watching? Jesus. I really screwed the pooch on this one." She relaxed finally. "What the hell did Marnie do?"

Mr. H took control from there. "No more. We'll talk after. It's time." He turned to me. "Your safe word is seaweed, like the goop on your face today. If you need to stop, you say seaweed. Understand?"

I nodded.

"Good. Please take your clothes off."

"But you said--"

"I know what I said, and I know what I saw today. You want this. I know you do. If you're going to participate, you're going to do it in the nude."

"Tom--" Mrs. H said, but Mr. H cut her off.

"Yvette, she's fine. She spent most of her day naked with three other people in the room."

"Three? Who--"

"Jack Rogers has Marnie on a tight leash. You know that."

"He leashed her today?" Mrs. H's jaw dropped open.

Again, Mr. H's guffaw filled the office. "Not literally." He looked at me. "When they're here in the club, she goes nowhere without Jack holding her leash."

"It has Swarovsky crystals," Mrs. H added. "It's gorgeous."

I hadn't quite processed the image, when Mr. H said, "Enough." He looked from me to Mrs. H and back to me again. "Take off your clothes."

I swallowed hard and got to my feet. While I pulled my top over my head, Mr. H said, "Watch your kitten, baby. Watch her take her while her bra comes off." When I could see again, I instinctively looked at the floor. "No, kitten. You'll look at my wife. Look her in the eye while you pull down your pants."

We locked eyes. Mrs. H teared up as I slid my panties down my thighs. "Are you okay?" I asked her.

She nodded. "I can't believe this is happening." When I was completely naked, she asked me the same question.

"I just discovered this morning that I like women. This is fantastic."

Mr. H interrupted with a thump on the desk. "Kitten, you sit. Evvie, you come around the desk." He rose from the chair and went to the cabinet, keys jangling noisily. I watched the heavy doors open, revealing a frightening array of unfamiliar objects.

"Kitten, come here." He stepped aside, allowing me access to the cabinet.

"What are these things?"

"You are going to choose what I'll use to spank my wife."

"I don't know what these things are!" I didn't know what any of them did. Why was this my responsibility?

"Choose one you think is pretty." His eyes twinkled while he spoke.

I picked a small, black piece of leather with pink hearts on it. The hearts made it look happy. I figured it couldn't be too bad for her.

I was wrong.

Mr. H grinned. "The last time we used this paddle, Evvie, you had hearts on your ass for a week!"

"Ugh. The worst part about that was you showing everyone the hearts on my ass."

"Return to your seat, kitten. Don't worry. This isn't what I'll use on you."

I'd forgotten about his promise to spank me, too. As I settled into the chair, he pushed his wife down against the wooden desk, facing me. He sat in the leather chair, his wife's ass right in front of him. For a moment, we all stayed still and silent, listening to the hum of the harsh, fluorescent light overhead.

Finally, Mr. H rose and took off his jacket, hanging it over the back of the chair. He rolled up his sleeves and took the paddle into his hand. "Evvie, you look your kitten in the eyes and show her the right way to take her punishment."

"Yes, Sir," she replied.

He wheeled the chair out of the way and stood to the left side of Mrs. H. He brought his hand back and hesitated for a moment. Mrs. H took a deep breath and then the paddle made contact. The slap echoed through the office.

The sound made me jump, but Mrs. H was completely still. "One."

"Two." The second evoked some kind of uncomfortable feeling in me, but I couldn't identify whether it was embarrassment, fear, or something I'd never felt before.

"Three." She held eye contact with me, barely blinking. I felt myself wanting to look away, but I was transfixed, brutally aware of my boss' nakedness and her husband's Dominance over both of us. "Four."

The paddling picked up speed after five and intensity after ten, but Mrs. H never blinked. Sweat broke out on Mr. H's brow, prompting him to loosen his tie with his left hand. That was when I noticed just how sexy he was. I'd known he was a good looking man, but even this morning, when he was dressed in a casual polo, his appearance was perfect. The change was enticing.

The snap of the leather against Mrs. H's skin reminded me of what Mr. H had said to me as we left the spa treatment room that morning, that I deserved some time at the spanking table as well. No image had entered my mind at the time, but watching this domestic-discipline play out over a principal's desk made me wonder what other spanking tables Mrs. H had endured. The kitchen table where we ate dinner? Mrs. H's desk at work? Mr. H's? My mind flashed to me, bent over my desk, Mr. H paddling my ass in front of my coworkers. Heat rushed through me, and I squirmed in my seat. Wetness pooled in my pussy, and I desperately wished for my turn.

Lost in thought, I hadn't realized that Mrs. H's paddling had ended, and that she was standing with her back to me, showing me the hearts all over her impossibly red cheeks. Mr. H had has arms around her, rubbing each side of her ass gently to ease the sting. His mouth was near her ear, and I couldn't hear what he was saying. He kissed her for a long time, and then he released her.

She gave me one more glance and walked to the far corner of the room, her high heels clicking across the tile floor as she went. With her hands behind her back, she stood, nearly touching the wall with her naked nipples.

Mr. H sat in the chair, rested his forearms on the desk, and leaned closer. "Evvie is going to stand in the corner and think about what she's done while you receive your spanking. She hasn't earned the right to watch." I swallowed hard, terrified of what was about to happen.

"What are you going to hit me with?" I braced myself for the answer.

He smiled warmly. "I'm going to answer your question because I haven't explained the rules yet, but when you're in the Principal's Office, you don't speak unless you're spoken to. Do you understand?"

"Yes." I nodded as I spoke.

He raised an eyebrow, but it took me a second to catch his meaning.

"Oh! Yes, Sir. I remember. I'm sorry."

"Much better, kitten. Since this is your first time, and you didn't exactly sign up for this tonight--"

"Or what happened this morning. I thought I was getting a massage, not a tongue in the twat!" My eyes snapped open when I realized my error, but Mr. H laughed. I tried to save myself anyway. "Sir."

"Kitten, I hope we can make this a regular arrangement. You are adorable."

"Thank you, Sir."

Before I could say another word, shit got real. And he hadn't answered my question.

"Stand up."

I got to my feet, trembling. He held out his hand and I took it. He led me around the desk where I stood facing him. My eyes dropped to the floor.

"No, kitten. Eye contact with me now."

"Yes, Sir." It was getting easier to say that. I wondered what that said about me. Was I so submissive that with no fight at all, I'd allow my boss Dominate me? Was being submissive a weakness?

His eyes made their way down my body and back up again. I wondered if he had a hard-on, but I was afraid to drop my eyes to look for a bulge in his pants.

"You are beautiful, kitten. I am going to enjoy this." I waited, expecting him to tweak my nipples or grab my pussy. He did not. Again, he took my hand and led me closer to the front of the desk, right where Mrs. H had stood. "Bend over, kitten."

I gulped, but didn't hesitated any longer. "Yes, Sir." I bent at the waist until my breasts grazed the cold, shiny finish on the desk, making me flinch. He placed his hand between my shoulder blades and pressed my body flat, squeezing my tits under my weight. He still hadn't told me what he'd spank me with, but I wasn't going to ask.

"You see Evvie in the corner over there?"

"Yes, Sir."

"I want to you to think about what comes after your spanking while you keep your eyes on her."

"Will I stand in the corner, too?" Time in the corner didn't appeal to me at all.

"No, kitten. It's getting late. When I finish spanking your bottom, Evvie is going to lie on this desk, and you're going to give her the lesbian experience we talked about. Remember what Marnie did to your body this morning?"

"Yes, Sir."

"You'll be doing it to Evvie in a few minutes. You owe her."

A spasm of pleasure passed through my lower belly at the thought of licking her pussy, my second of the day, and I worried that my own would drip on the floor. Mrs. H inhaled loudly enough for me to understand how much the idea turned her on. I nearly forgot what was about to happen in the meantime.

"Red, yellow, green, kitten. I'll stop periodically and ask you what color you are. Say green, and the next round will be harder. Say yellow, and I'll keep going for another round at the same intensity. Say red at any time, and I'll stop immediately. No repercussions for stopping, but I won't touch you again, even if you beg. Understand?"

"Yes, Sir." My voice wavered. My face flushed with humiliation. I was making a choice here. I couldn't tell myself that Mr. H made me do this. There was no coercion. I could stop at any time. The truth was, I wanted it. The thought of Mr. H doing to me what he'd just done to Mrs. H turned me on almost as much as eating pussy did.

I'm a lesbian masochist, I thought to myself.

"Here we go," Mr. H said, bringing me back to my naked, bent-over reality.

"Wait. What are you going to use on me?" I remembered myself quickly. "Sir?"

He caressed my ass with both hands, which I didn't expect because he hadn't touched me anywhere except my hand. His thumbs traced the edge of each cheek, threatening to dip into the crevice between them. "Just my hand tonight, kitten. Since it's your first time. Just keep your eyes on my wife. You know you want her body. Memorize it, so you can think of her when you touch yourself."

I relaxed slightly, relieved it wasn't one of the scary things I'd seen in the cabinet, and then I heard the smack. It took a moment for the sting to catch up with the sound, but when it did, I shouted, "Ow!"

"Wrong answer, kitten," Mr. H growled. "Weren't you paying attention when my wife was punished? You count when I spank you. Understand?"

"Y-yes, Sir." Counting? This wasn't me. I wasn't some submissive slut craving pain. It was bad enough calling him Sir, and that wasn't a stretch because he was my boss! I couldn't--



"You're going to drag this out all night, aren't you? You start with one. Now we start over. Again."



"There you go."

Smack. This time on the other cheek.

"Two." It didn't hurt terribly, but I wondered how many more I'd be counting.

Smack. This one was harder.

"Three." My head dropped to the desk.

"What color are you, kitten?"

I was fine. No. Not fine. I was embarrassed but not hurt. "Green, Sir."

"Good girl." Smack.


The blows intensified with each pair until we reached ten. "Color, kitten?"

"Green." I couldn't believe I was agreeing to let him hit me harder. I'd never received more than a random swat on the ass as a child. I didn't read those "mom porn" books everybody liked. My boyfriends may have spanked me lightly while I fucked them, but no one had ever bared my ass, bent me over, and gave me a Spanking.

With each stinging blow, my confusion increased. After the first few, the to another place. Not only was I allowing it to happen, I was enjoying the pain, anticipating each smack

At twenty, he asked again.

I paused, considering. "Green. But getting yellow. Sir."

"Very well." He slowed the slaps, but they did get harder. The harder they got, the wetter my pussy became. I started to wish he'd touch me. That he'd take off his dress pants and shove his cock in my cunt.

As twenty-six landed, even harder than ever, he repeated the question.

"Y-yellow!" I was closer to red, but I wasn't ready to chicken out. I wanted to know how much I could take. I knew it wouldn't be as much as Mrs. H, but I wanted Mr. H to be proud of me.

"Okay, kitten. I'm going to give you ten more, just like that, and then we'll stop. Is that all right?"

I nodded. "Yes, Sir." It wouldn't be easy, but I knew I could take ten more.

"You can still say red, you know."

"I know, Sir. Thank you."

I heard the smile in his voice. "Oh, kitten. You are such a good girl."

The last ten were quick and hard. Tears streamed down my face, blurring Mrs. H in the corner. It was hard to say the numbers by the time he finished, the pain was so intense, but as soon as he struck my bottom for the final time, he placed his hands firmly on my hot cheeks, absorbing the pain.

He slowly peeled my torso off the desk and scooped me into his arms, carrying me to the couch along the opposite wall from where Mrs. H served her punishment. I began to sob, and I didn't know why. He sat on the edge of the couch, laying me over his lap. "Evvie, get the lotion for your kitten."

She went to the cabinet and brought a bottle. I heard the lotion dispensed twice before two hands--one large, one small and soft--rubbed the cool liquid into my blazing skin. They both murmured while they caressed me.

"You did very well, kitten. I'm so proud of you. You took your spanking like a pro. No one would know this was your first time." Mr. H was proud of me. Another sob exploded. I was proud of myself, too.

Mrs. H's voice was soft and sweet. "Leslie, I can't believe you just did that. I had no idea you were so submissive. You're perfect."

They continued to pat my skin and croon over me for a long time until I finally pulled myself together and sat up gingerly. "That was intense."

Mr. H, who was still completely dressed, including his tie, looked at his wife and shook his head. "I think our kitten has had enough for one day. I think we'll need to take a rain check on your--"

"No!" I shouted. "No way. I'm pretty tired, but I'm not leaving here until I go down on you!"

Mrs. H's eyes popped open. "Y-you mean now?"

"Yes. On the desk. Lie on your back."

Mr. H's laugh filled the room. "Now our little sub is giving the commands?" He rubbed my back. "Listen to the woman, Evvie. She's about to fuck you."

We rose from the couch, and Mrs. H scampered to the desk with terror in her eyes. "Thomas, I didn't really mean--"

I reached for her and kissed her deeply, shutting her up. "On the desk. Now."

She perched off the side of the desk, and I kissed her again. This time, she kissed me back. Tentatively at first, but her enthusiasm grew, and I took a chance. I reached for her tits with both hands and caressed them. The moan in her throat encouraged me. I pinched her nipples gently. They were beautiful--hard eraser points, ready to go in my mouth.

Mr. H returned to the leather chair behind the desk.

I started with the right nipple, flicking my tongue back and forth. I cupped her breast in my hand, pulling her closer until her nipple had passed my lips. I licked and suckled while she moaned and squirmed, and then I moved my mouth to the other nipple, tracing the shape of her areola and biting gently on her nipple. "I am so turned on," I muttered as I moved my lips back to hers, kissing her while I played with her tits.

I finally broke the kiss and whispered to Mrs. H, "I know you're not a lesbian. I'm not sure I am either, but I discovered at the spa today that I'm definitely attracted to women. I don't need you to reciprocate. I don't need you to even touch me. My pleasure will come from giving you pleasure, okay?"

The tortured look on her face reminded me of how I felt just a few minutes ago, bent over the desk wishing for the pain. "I don't know. I said I wanted to do this, but I don't know if I really wanted to."

"What are you afraid of?"

"Being gay? Making things awkward in the office? A lot of things."

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Mr. H unzipping his pants.

"Then do it for your husband. He wants to watch you make love with a woman. He wants to watch me make you come. Please let me. I want to do this so badly. Please."

She turned to Mr. H and chuckled as he reached into his pants and pulled a huge, angry-looking cock. "C'mon, Evvie. Let her eat you out. Then I'll fuck you, and we can go home."

"What about Leslie? Who's gonna make her come?" Mrs. H asked. "It seems like we should have discussed this before we took off our clothes."

"Ah," he said. "The voice of reason." He stood, his boner protruding obscenely from his fly. He went to the cabinet and brought out a large dildo and a huge vibrator with a cord hanging from it. He held them both up, waggling the dildo in the air. "We both will. You're right, Evvie. We set limits before we get aroused. She deserves to come, and we'll invite her back to play again, but this way," He gestured with the toys again, "nobody will feel guilty in the morning. Agreed?"

"Yes, Sir," we replied at the same time.

"Now lie on the desk and spread your legs so I can eat your fucking pussy." The mock annoyance in my voice got her moving, and a moment later, I was standing between my boss' legs, licking my lips. "You are so beautiful, Mrs. H." I dipped my head close enough to smell her heady scent. "And you're so wet. You smell delicious."

"Oh, my god. I can't do th--" Mr. H cut her off by putting the head of his cock into her mouth.

"Shut up and suck my dick, Evvie," he said.

I ran my palms up and down the inside of her thighs, each time getting closer to her mons. My mouth watered. I couldn't tease her for long. She nearly jumped off the desk when my thumb brushed between her pussy lips, but I didn't stop. I pressed it right into her clit and started to rub.

Distracted, she stopped moving her own mouth. Mr H. slapped each of her tits to get her attention.

"Tit slapping is a thing?" I said as my arousal increased. I didn't know anyone did that.

"Yes," said Mr. H, "and if you ever want me to slap yours, you'll lick my wife's cunt right now."

Without another word, I took my first lick. I moaned. She was absolutely delicious. With my fingers, I separated her lips and dove in with my mouth against her clit. My tongue lapped at each side of her clit and her hips bucked into my face. My nose disappeared into her slit, promising the lingering pleasure of her scent, and I explored the rest of her pussy.

She cried out when my tongue penetrated her. I flicked it the best I could against her G-spot, but I needed to feel her clit against my bumpy flesh. I swirled clockwise and then in the opposite direction, and that's when she grabbed my hair.

"Just. Like. That," she rasped between thrusts of her husband's cock. He was sweating again, and this time, he took his shirt and tie off, revealing a toned upper body.

I smiled, still swirling my tongue around her slippery button. She was fucking my face, pumping her hips and getting her wetness all over me.

And then Mr. H handed me the dildo. "She likes it hard."

I grabbed the balls end and lined the head up with her opening, never losing time with my tongue.

"I'm so close. I'm so close," she whispered.

"One thrust, kitten, and then fuck the hell out of her."

Her scream was delightful as the giant cock filled her and I bit her gently around the clit at the same time. "Mother of fucking god I'm gonna come so hard on you right how!"

Three swirls of the tongue and three pumps of the silicone dick later, and the spasms started against my tongue. There was wetness coming from her whole pussy. She squeezed her legs together, nearly suffocating me between her slick thighs.

No man had ever come so hard for me. No blowjob had elicited such delight. I was exhausted and pleased, but she wasn't done.

My tongue had slowed to a gentle lapping, but she pulled my hair again, guiding me to continue fucking her. As the spasms began again, Mr. H grunted in a loud crescendo. "I'm coming, Evvie. Hold it in your mouth. Don't swallow. Don't swallow. Don't swallow."

When they finally relaxed, Mr. H helped his wife sit up on the desk, and he pulled me toward her. "Kiss her, kitten."

I opened my mouth against hers allowing his cum into my mouth as our tongues battled. When he was satisfied that all of it was in my mouth, he said, "You swallow it, kitten." I complied without argument. "Show me," he said. I stuck out my tongue for his approval. "Good girl. Now you lie on the desk so you can come, too."

"Thank you, Sir." I settled in on the desk. It was wet with sweat and arousal.

He pulled his pants back into place and buttoned them up. "What do you think, Evvie? Can we make her come in five minutes or less?" He plugged in the vibrator with the bulbous head and made it buzz for a second.

I laughed. "I don't think it will take more than two. It's been quite a day. My clit is about to explode."

"No funny stuff, right Thomas? No orgasm denial or begging to let her come?"

"No. Not tonight." A wicked gleam came to his eye. "Next time."

The vibrator buzzed to life and Mr. H pulled my legs apart. Mrs. H held up the dildo, waggled her eyebrows at me and placed it against my pussy. "This doesn't make me a lesbian, does it?" she asked both of us.

"No, darling," Mr. H said. "It makes you a slut."

With a laugh, she pushed nudging the head inside me. I gasped. I was drenched, but it had been a long time since anything close to that size had penetrated me.

"Did I hurt you?" she asked, worried.

Mr. H stepped to the cabinet and chose a slimmer model. "Try this one."

Before he finished the sentence, it was inside my cunt, all the way to the hilt. My moan told them it was a better fit, and Mrs. H smiled as she fucked me with it.

I closed my eyes, not to block out the glorious image of this man and woman standing over my naked body, but in happy exhaustion. Then the vibrator head came to rest on my clit. My eyes popped open and my hips bucked off the desk. I felt the buzz through my whole midsection, not just between my legs.

"Oh, my god, Sir. That is..." I couldn't even finish the sentence. Mrs. H worked the dildo in and out of my pussy with such delight, rubbing against my sensitive spots, waking up a part of me which had been asleep for so long. I longed for a real cock. For Mr. H's cock, but I didn't dare say it and spoil this perfect moment of kinky fuck.

After a moment, Mr. H spoke. "Would you mind if I touched your tits?"

I hardly heard the question. "Uh-huh." I could have been giving him permission to fuck me in the ass for all I knew, but when he touched my nipples, I knew he owned me.

He varied the pressure and swirled the vibrator in circles around my clit, driving my orgasm to the surface. I was losing control. My head thrashed. My hips kept time with the dildo, which kept time with the vibrator and a new, stinging sensation on my nipples. I refocused to see what he was doing to me and saw his open hand slapping my tits, peppering my skin with slaps of varying pressure.

One last hard slap to each nipple did it. With a loud string of obscenities, I came. Over and over, my body clenched with orgasm. I was a slut. A bisexual, maybe a lesbian. I wanted to be used. I wanted to feel pain. I wanted to eat more pussy. I wanted Mr. H's cock, maybe even in my ass. In that moment, I wanted it all.

Exhausted, I closed my eyes and reveled in my depravity. I felt good, even where I'd been spanked so hard. I drifted, dozing on the hard desk until I felt cool lotion and soft hands on my tits. I moaned with contentment. "We're gonna get you dressed and take you home with us now. You deserve to be pampered for real tomorrow."

"But I have to work tomorrow." I wasn't even sure that was true. I'd forgotten what day it was long ago.

Mrs. H gave a soft laugh. "Just tell your boss you're tied up and can't make it in."

The bundle of rope in the cabinet behind her told me that just might be a possibility I wanted to explore.

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