Monday: Nicky, the sexy welder who loves her dog and lives in her RV from Fighting Fire with Fire


Tuesday: Hailey, the well-liked personal care worker who needs a home from Mobile Home for the Holidays


Wednesday: Lexi, the young woman who sees ghosts and questions her sexuality from Ghosts Have Pride


Thursday: Krista, the elementary school teacher/volunteer fire fighter who rescues a dog and discovers an interest in another woman from Fighting Fire with Fire


Friday: Amy, the straight woman who fantasizes about having sex with another woman from Wicked Hot and Wicked Cold


Saturday: Jenn, the ballerina and Lexi's childhood friend from Ghosts Have Pride


Sunday: Morgan, the runaway whose parents disowned her for being gay from Mobile Home for the Holidays


Monday: Jason, the eighteen year old with delicate features and a tragic life from Come with a Friend


Tuesday: Carson, the recent college graduate from Georgia, ready for adventure from Gay Greenhorn on the F/V Lost Agnes


Wednesday: James, who loves his girlfriend but needs a man, too from Come on Down


Thursday: Artie, the seasoned deckhand on a crab boat in the Bering Sea from Gay Greenhorn on the F/V Lost Agnes


Friday: The divorced father, exploring his attraction to men from Christmas in July (A Man for Sam)


Saturday: Stefan, the bisexual chef and Jeopardy champion from Come on Down


Sunday: Larry, the fiftysomething living a lonely life on the road in his RV from Christmas in July (A Man for Sam)

Straight Woman

Monday: Leigh, the unstable woman stalking the man she saw once at a party from Blowjob from Your Stalker


Tuesday: Trish, the recovering sex addict who likes to be watched from Bare Naked: A Nude Skater's Waltz.


Wednesday: Angel, the troubled hair stylist who sleeps on the beach to avoid her abusive boyfriend in Angel's Lips, Snips, and Tips


Thursday: Nadine, the nerdy submissive who falls for an unknown cyber Dom from Muffin's Change in the House of Flies


Friday: Mrs. Maitland, the biology teacher and snake lover who falls for a younger man in Mrs. Maitland's SAD Valentine.


Saturday: Ammon Fayed's submissive who craves his Dominance from Collared in the Temple of Dendur


Sunday: Barb, the chunky-but-spunky friend who discovers that her true love had been in front of her all along from Black Friday/Cyber Monday

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To receive your FREE book, enter the name of your book boyfriend/girlfriend and the name of the book in the Facebook post!

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