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Whether you were a subscriber on my old site or this is your first time subscribing, THANK YOU! Please enjoy two freebies in return. She's My Reference is available EXCLUSIVELY to subscribers at Muffin's Change in the House of Flies is available on Amazon, but I'd like you to have it for free.

Mobi and ePub formats are not supported on the Wix platform, so I've linked the PDFs below. If you'd prefer another format, shoot me an email and I'll get it out to you. Directions for sending the documents to your Kindle are listed under the download links.

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  • When you download the files, note where you are downloading to.

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    • Found in your Amazon account. In the upper right corner, click on "Account and Lists."

    • Select "Manage your Content and Devices."

    • Select the tab on the far right, "Settings."

    • Scroll almost to the bottom to "Personal Content Settings."

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  • IMPORTANT: Scroll down a little further to "Approved Personal Document Email List." Add the email address you'll send the file from (Your own email.)

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