Erotica After Midnight


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Collection of PL Tales

Multi-Author Anthology

From the authors that brought you Hot Summer Reads, we now present an anthology sure to tingle your senses, send shivers up your spine, and arouse you in ways you didn't know erotica could. 

Eight stories, all complete stories with no cliffhangers. 

Patient Lee - Ghosts Have Pride - A ghost visits her granddaughter to reveal the truth about herself and to help her granddaughter discover her own sexuality.

J. Kendall Dane - Rocky Horror Redux - Two long-term gay lovers recreate more than just memories of their first date from 1975 at the fortieth anniversary showing of the infamous cult classic.

Shea Mara - Mesmerized - After Clara accompanies her friend Shawn to a seance meant to contact a notorious medium from the turn of the century, she begins to act on dark urges, and an intense sexuality that threatens everything she cares about. 

Christian Pohl - The Making of "A Little Heresy" - When Amanda agrees to be painted naked by a mysterious artist, she doesn't realize there is no turning back.

Bucky Duckman - Tamera the Unbeliever - Forensic psychologist Tamera's lack of belief is no match for ancient rites and the seductive powers of darkness.

Ella Wilding - Pan's Playground - Leah followed a stranger into a mythical forest and said goodbye to life as she knew it.

JC Winchester - A Night in Hell - Seeking vengeance for the horrors visited upon her in a previous life, Alice stalks wealthy families for their dirty, tattered souls.

M.S. Tarot - Don't Lose Your Head - In New Orleans, revenge doesn't end where insanity begins, Alphonse will show Tomas the way.

As the weather cools down to winter, let us heat you back up!

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