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Variety including Gay, Historical, and Fairytale

Proceeds from the sale of this anthology are being donated to the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Stand Your Ground

Stand Your Ground Cover

Heterosexual Erotica

Quick & dirty tales of six couples’ relationship milestones- a sweet loss of innocence followed by betrayal, a marriage proposal from a man who won’t go down, a murderous wedding night ending in tragedy, a hot & horny pregnancy, a cheating wife jumping to conclusions, and a wife’s final goodbye.

Quick & Dirty Volume 2: Milestones

Quick & Dirty 2: Milestones Cover

Lesbian Romance

Four lesbian erotic romances—one for each season—featuring unconventional sex toys, first lesbian experiences, a dog rescue, homeless women pooling resources and finding love, a naked ballerina, and grandma’s ghost.

Seasons of Lesbian Erotica

Seasons of Lesbian Erotica Cover


​From the authors that brought you Hot Summer Reads, we now present an anthology sure to tingle your senses, send shivers up your spine, and arouse you in ways you didn't know erotica could. 

Erotica After Midnight

Erotica After Midnight Cover

Heterosexual Erotica

Exhibitionists and voyeurs will enjoy five quick and dirty tales of watching and being watched in the first volume of the Quick & Dirty series.

Quick & Dirty Volume 1: Watching & Being Watched

Quick & Dirty 1: Watching & Being Watched Cover


Ten hot stories by ten of the best voices in literary erotica. No cliffhangers. No single scenes. All hot ways to make your summer sizzle.

Hot Summer Reads

Hot Summer Reads Cover


A teen donning a prom dress, a divorcé exploring another man, a flashback to a long-ago gay experience leading to a M/M/F threesome, gay men in love, hiding their secret on a crab boat in the Bering Sea, and a mentally challenged teen witnessing men making love make up this collection of M/M tales.

OUT: Five Erotic Stories of Gay Self-Discovery

OUT: Five Erotic Stories of Gay Self-Discovery Cover