Sweet & Sexy

Sharing Her Heart: The Prequel to Mrs. Maitland's SAD Valentine

Romance, First Love, First Time

High school students Robert and Judy don’t get along at first, but when they are thrust together as lab partners, their romance kindles in spite of their nasty biology teacher’s attempts to destroy their grade and their relationship.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday

New Adult Holiday Romance

“Rat Face” Dwayne walks away from Rocco and Todd’s Black Friday casual-sex-in-the-mall contest until chunky-but-spunky Barb steps in to assist, and their long-standing friendship blossoms into a sweet, sensual (hot-as-hell) romance, just in time for Christmas.

Milkweed & Gossamer

New Adult Romance

Jaime falls for her older brother’s friend, but her family is desperate to keep her from getting pregnant, interrupting at every turn, even when Milkweed and Gossamer put aside their hunger for each other to save the monarch butterflies.

Mobile Home for the Holidays

New Adult, Lesbian Romance

Hailey and Morgan meet on the streets and sleep in Hailey’s car to survive, but just when a friend finds them a home, Morgan reveals she’s gay and Hailey’s reaction scares her off, leaving Hailey to find her in time for the holidays.

Mrs. Maitland's SAD Valentine

May-December Romance

Mating ball pythons bring together a depressed, twentysomething school janitor and a widowed, fortysomething high school biology teacher to overcome the age difference and interference from Brad’s ex-girlfriend and bring them to light and love.

Come with a Friend

Gay Male Romance, M to F Transgender

Timmy presents Jason with an unusual "promposal" to dress as a woman to gain revenge on a bully, but his true intention—getting Jason to fall in love with him—isn’t revealed until Timmy and Jason’s alter ego, Kari, are slow dancing at the prom, and there’s no hiding their arousal for each other.

Angel's Lips, Snips, and Tips

May-December Romance

Despite their twenty-year age difference, Joe and Angel fall for each other while they build their hair-salon business, but he rejects her advances, and she stays away until her abusive boyfriend prompts her to call Joe late at night, looking for help.

Bare Naked

New Adult Sports Romance

Trish and Mark turn their filthyrottendirty one-night stand into sizzling relationship despite Trish’s past, but when she thinks Mark betrays her, can he show her the truth and keep their relationship alive?

Gay Greenhorn on the F/V Lost Agnes

Gay Male Romance

Carson, a college graduate from Georgia, and Artie, a seasoned deckhand, fall in love working on a crab boat in the Bering Sea, but can they keep their secret from the rest of the crew when an accident threatens Carson’s life?