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Ghosts Have Pride Cover

Ghosts Have Pride


Grandma’s ghost visits Lexi to reveal the forbidden romance with her best friend she hid while she was alive to help Lexi remember her own lesbian experiences, bringing both women out of the closet.

Fighting Fire with Fire Cover

Fighting Fire with Fire

Straight to Lesbian

Straight-girl Krista’s first kiss from a woman sends her running, but when Nicky disappears, Krista fights to find her so she can explore her lesbian feelings and Nicky’s body.

Mobile Home for the Holidays Cover

Mobile Home for the Holidays

New Adult, Lesbian Romance

Hailey and Morgan meet on the streets and sleep in Hailey’s car to survive, but just when a friend finds them a home, Morgan reveals she’s gay and Hailey’s reaction scares her off, leaving Hailey to find her in time for the holidays.

Under the Seaweed Mask Cover

Under the Seaweed Mask

Straight to Lesbian

With cucumber slices hiding her face on the massage table, the shock of the masseuse’s hands on Leslie's girl parts forces her to choose between submitting to her first lesbian experience and revealing her identity to her boss’ husband who is watching from the foot of the table.

Wicked Cold Cover

Wicked Cold: The Prequel to Wicked Hot

New Adult, Lesbian

In this prequel to Wicked Hot, homophobic college student Amy discovers her forbidden lesbian fantasy while having sex with her boyfriend in the ice hotel suite they share with lesbian lovers, sparking their journey from monogamy to couple swapping later in their marriage (in Wicked Hot).