in Thirty

Super-dirty stories to read in under half an hour!

Watch Me Cover

Contemporary, Exhibitionist

Watch Me

When a couple gets a child-free night in a high-rise hotel in New York City, they take advantage of the privacy until she opens the curtains and discovers the thrill of being watched from the street below.

She's My Reference Cover


She's My Reference

Chelsea offers to help Steve get a promotion at work, leading to a day of torrid sex and a nasty turn of events at his interview.

Under the Seaweed Mask Cover

Straight to Lesbian

Under the Seaweed Mask

With cucumber slices hiding her face on the massage table, the shock of the masseuse’s hands on Leslie's girl parts forces her to choose between submitting to her first lesbian experience and revealing her identity to her boss’ husband who is watching from the foot of the table.

Between the Sheets Cover

Contemporary, Exhibitionist

Between the Sheets

A fictional transcript of a fictional radio show on a fictional satellite radio station. Actress Tessa Tayes tells the Beau Stewart Show about the time a neighbor watched her pleasuring herself while hanging laundry.

What the Hell Cover

Voyeur, Ménage, Historical

What the Hell Are You Looking at?

A widower pleasures himself while watching from the bushes the subjects of Edouard Manet’s Déjeuner sur l'Herbe, featuring two fully clothed "dandies" and a nude woman having a picnic which turns into a ménage à trois before the voyeur’s eyes.

I Won a Basket of Porn Cover

Sexy Satire

I Won a Basket of Porn (A Satire)

A teacher wins a basket of vibrators and pornography at a summer fair, and the whole town turns on her, demanding her resignation.

Steve Has a Stalker Cover


Steve Has a Stalker

A deranged woman imagines a relationship with a man she’s never met and details for the man she’s stalking what could have been—in the ladies’ room, under the foosball table, and in the parking log—if only they’d said hello.

Collared Cover

May-December BDSM, Exhibitionist

Collared in the Temple of Dendur

A Filthyrottendirty in Thirty minute read in which a young sub’s Master takes her to the Temple of Dendur exhibit in the Metropolitan Museum of Art where she submits to sex in public to earn her collar and seal his Dominance