What the Hell Are You Looking at?

Voyeur, Ménage, Historical

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A widower pleasures himself while watching from the bushes the subjects of Edouard Manet’s Déjeuner sur l'Herbe, featuring two fully clothed "dandies" and a nude woman having a picnic which turns into a ménage à trois before the voyeur’s eyes.

Excerpt (PG-13):

I don’t know what compelled me to take a walk today, but I found myself in the park, heading in the direction of the pond. As I walked, I felt my privates stirring, as if my cock knew something I didn’t yet know. I thought about my beloved wife and the last time we made love. It was only eighteen months ago, yet it seemed like another lifetime. Her death was all-too-fresh in my mind, and I quickened my pace to try to shake off the sadness.


As I walked down the path toward the pond, I sensed I was not in control of my own decisions, that some unseen hand was compelling my movement toward the pond. The closer I got to the water, the more aroused I became, and by the time I neared the grassy area on the shore, my cock was quite stiff.

I wondered if I could find a private area to be alone with my thoughts, my memories of my darling departed wife, and my erection. With my eighteen months alone propelling my orgasm, I knew it would take mere minutes to bring myself to messy satisfaction. The park was not crowded on this warm morning, and I felt certain that the opportunity would present itself. I was almost correct.

As I approached the water, a sinking feeling came over me when I realized I would not be alone. I heard the voices first—male voices and the delicate sound of a woman’s voice. I was disappointed at first, believing these people were foiling my chance to masturbate in nature. I nearly turned around.

Instead, I softened my steps and crouched behind an unruly bank of bushes which afforded me a glimpse of the scene that was to unfold in front of me. 

That first peek filled my vision with a shock of cream-colored skin against the backdrop of dark jackets and trousers. I had to pinch myself to determine whether this vision was a dream, or if, in fact, I had actually just stumbled upon two overdressed dandies picnicking on the grass with a completely nude woman.

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