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A family of five vacations in New York City. When the grandparents offer to take the children for the night in the adjoining hotel room, they take advantage, staying quiet so parents and children don't hear. They up the ante when she opens the curtains and presses her breasts against the cold glass, begging the people in view to watch her.

Excerpt (PG-13):

We sat at the bar in the lobby, sipping martinis. It had been a long time since we had a night out, and it felt good to be adults. This trip to New York was one we'd planned for about six months, and most of what we planned centered around the kids—Toys R Us in Times Square, the Central Park Zoo, the Christmas Show at Radio City Music Hall.


Tonight was the only night we thought we might be able to enjoy a couple of drinks and some nookie upstairs.

"The beds in my parents' room are against the same wall as our bed. We'll have to be quiet tonight," I said, feeling the effects of the second martini. "All I need is my parents or our children to hear us fucking through the wall." I stage-whispered the word "fucking," thinking that the people at the table next to us wouldn't hear.

I was wrong. The couple at the next table caught my eye and giggled, letting me know that they'd heard every word. I probably would have blushed, but my cheeks were already red from the martinis. To cover my embarrassment, I drained the rest of my glass, and said, "C'mon. Let's get the check and go for a little walk."

The sidewalk was crowded even though it was dark out. Frank took my hand in his and gave me a quick kiss on the lips before we started to walk. We only went a few blocks, but he'd collected four fliers from strip clubs. He put them in his pocket. I figured he'd pull them out back up in the room, and we'd talk about our crazy fantasy of going to a strip club together someday. We always said that someday we'd go to Vegas and do it. It wasn't gonna happen here in New York with the kids though.

We turned back to walk back for the night. When we were standing on the corner, waiting to cross the side street that ran next to the hotel, I looked up and counted eleven sets of windows. "You can definitely see into the rooms from here," I said. "Even through the gauzy curtains."

"Yeah? Maybe we'll give everybody on the street a show." Frank's grin earned him an elbow in his ribs.

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