Suffocating: A Dark Nuptial Tragedy

New Adult, Rough Sex

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Jack and Vanessa grew up in the same oppressive foster home, and after their foster mother catches them behaving inappropriately and sends him away, Jack holds up a fast-food restaurant and spends his early adulthood in prison. On the day of his release, they finally marry and have wicked-hot wedding-night sex, but when Vanessa shakes her bottom in a request for something dirty, it sends Jack to a dark place haunted by sex-filled nightmares. In the morning, he sobers up and jerks back to reality, which forces him to face the heinous crime he and his wife committed on their wedding day.

Excerpt (PG-13):

From Jack’s wedding-night nightmare:


The lunch room had bars like the group therapy room, but this room looked nothing like a prison cell or a bedroom. It was a school cafeteria, complete with lunch ladies, unidentifiable food, and cliques of jocks, band geeks, mean girls, white supremacists, Latino gang bangers, Bloods and Crips. Still naked, Jack joined the hot lunch line. A pinch on his bare butt caused him to whip around, ready to fight.

“Cool it, Chuck Norris,” Nessa said with a laugh. “Nice buns, by the way.”

“Nessa? You don’t go to this school,” Jack said, confused.

“I do now.” They shuffled closer to the door to the kitchen. “The Nun died, you know.”

Christine wasn’t actually a nun, but she dressed like one and spent hours a day in prayer, so that’s what her charges called her. Even while she cooked and bathed children, her lips moved, reciting silently to Mary, Jesus, and anyone else who’d listen. She carried her rosary in the pocket of her skirt, and each of her charges received one when they arrived for placement in her home. She taught her fosters to use the rosary to manage anxiety, the repetition of the Hail Mary bringing peace before long, whether or not the child accepted her religion.

“Died? How could she have died? I just talked to her.”

“She died about six months ago, Jack.” She furrowed her eyebrows, as if she were trying tell if he was lying or crazy. “It was anaphylaxis. From peanut butter.”

Jack’s eyes widened in shock. “Why would she eat peanut butter? She’s allergic.”

“I don’t know. Why did that witch do anything?” She shook her head sadly. “It’s just so devastating. She was eating a cupcake. Her throat closed up, and she stopped breathing. One of the little kids found her. She was all blue.”

Sexcerpt (XXX if available): 

Jack flopped back onto the bed, his still semi-hard cock waving in the air with his movement. Vanessa yanked on his pants to pull herself off the floor. She walked on her knees across the bed, tangling herself in the pouf of her skirt. Jack chuckled at her efforts. "We gotta get this off you, babe."

"No. I can’t wait.” She put her hand out for Jack to take. He pulled her harder than necessary, flopping her on the other side. Still trapped in layers of tulle, she squealed. "You're not helping!" He laughed again. "Laughing at your wife isn't helping either!"

"My wife. I love the way that sounds." His smile filled his voice. He rose from the bed and stood on the floor. With his hands on Vanessa's hips, he picked her up and put her feet under her. She wobbled on the mattress but steadied herself.

Jack smoothed the layers of her gown, taming the mass of fabric. When she was back to right, his hand changed direction to the inside of her leg, under the skirt, slowly running up from the ankle to the knee to the thigh. Her knees buckled when he brushed the edge of her panties. Jack grabbed her hand and placed the other behind her knees. He eased her to the bed, against the pillow, and she pulled at her veil until she was comfortable.

"You are breathtaking, babe. I've been thinking of getting my head under this pile of dress since the first minute I saw you in it." Jack smiled, licked his lips, flipped her skirt up, and dove under the pile of tulle, allowing it to settle over him like a blanket fort. He started at her ankles, licking and nibbling, but he didn't linger. Within seconds, he'd reached the blue garter she'd worn for good luck. It was just for show, so he easily pulled it down past her knee with his teeth without disturbing her sexy thigh-high stockings. Jack had "borrowed" the garter from the rack at the bridal shop, but neither planned to return it. The dress was new; the friendship between bride and groom was old, more than half as old as the bride and groom themselves. The sapphires on the wedding band Doug had purchased for her were blue, and they were stunning.

Jack’s fingers slipped under the satin fabric and pulled her panties to the side as he’d done so many times when they were younger and afraid of being caught. His tongue touched the edges of her shaved outer lips, and she moaned with appreciation and contentment. So many years they'd clung to each other, and so many they'd been forced apart. The emotion welled up, threatening a deluge. "I can't believe you're my husband now, Jack."

"No, Vanessa. You have to call me Doug now."

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