She's My Reference


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Steve assumes he’ll be passed over for a promotion because the woman down the hall has connections. As he complains to his co-workers over beers, cute bartender Chelsea hears his plight and offers her services to help him get the job. He takes her up on her offer, which he assumes means she’ll use her charms on his boss, but he gets much more than he dreamed when she goes home with him after their date, and they spend hours doing wicked things to each other. At the interview, he’s almost right. Sexual favors seal the deal, but Chelsea’s not the one on her knees.

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When I got home, Mousse, my chocolate lab, was practically tearing down the door to get out. While I walked her, I thought about the bartender at Mickey's and her offer. I thought maybe she was offering to blow someone for me, but I really kind of hoped she was offering to blow me. Fortunately, Mousse knew the way home because I was completely lost in my own head.

I put Mousse's leash on the counter, grabbed a beer from the fridge, and headed for the shower. As the hot steam swirled around me, I convinced myself that she probably meant that she could get me a job at the bar or something. A part-time job didn't seem like a bad idea either, especially if it meant working with a hottie like her. 

My cock was already in my hand when I allowed myself to picture her. She had to be ten years younger than I was. She didn't even look old enough to be in a bar, which I found oddly appealing. I stroked myself as I remembered our brief encounter. I saw her working behind the bar. Beautiful hands pouring drinks, long legs barely hidden by her short shorts. I grabbed the bar of soap and washed quickly then returned my soapy, slippery hand to my erection. 

As I stroked the length of my cock, my imagination undressed her. She leaned over to pick something up and her shorts fell to the floor. I moaned and gripped my cock a little tighter when I saw that light blue slice of fabric resting between her buttocks. "Of course she wears a thong," I thought, forgetting that this was all happening in my mind.

I was sure that she would be clean-shaven, and when she turned toward me and removed her panties, I saw the thin swath remaining. I took my fingers and spread some of the pre-cum pooled at the tip of my cock around my shaft and stroked faster, rocking my hips back and forth in time with my fist. 

Gazing at the swell of her breasts under her shirt, I wondered if her nipples were pierced. She removed her tight, Hollister top, revealing the sweet, little bra that matched the panties that she had already dropped to the floor. In my daydream, she looked down at my erection and licked her lips. I returned the look to her sex and found that her pussy lips were swollen and damp. I wanted to reach out and stick my fingers between those  lips. Again I tightened my grip, imagining how tight her pussy would be.

Finally, her bra fell to the floor, revealing the most beautiful pair of tits my imagination could conjure. They would fit perfectly in my hands. I pumped my cock with my hand, hard and fast, and my orgasm approached. My hips could barely keep up with the pace of my jacking hand. My mind returned to those beautiful, luscious tits, to imagine her nipples. Mmm . . . Just as I expected. Light pink areolae, long nipples, and a glint of gold. Each nipple wore a small gold ring.

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