Purple Glitter

Cheating Wife

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When Laura finds purple glitter on Danny's penis during a blowjob, she assumes he's cheating. She seeks her revenge, losing her anal virginity to her used-car-salesman neighbor, but she loses it all when she finds out where Danny picked up that purple glitter.

Excerpt (PG-13):

The shabby Ramada Inn in East Lake had been the most popular spot in town for cheap drinks, bad piano music and weeknight hookups since the 1970s, especially among the snobby West Lakers like Laura.

"I would have thought revenge would be a lot easier," Laura said to the bartender as he refilled her glass of chardonnay. "I mean, we've only been married for three years. You'd think at least one of the guys in my contact list would still be available.” She scrolled through her phone while she took a sip. "I just didn't even realize he was losing his attraction to me. Maybe this is my fault.” She tipped her head with a miserable smile. “Do you think I need to go on a diet?"

The bartender chuckled. “Honey, I wouldn't touch that one with a ten foot pole. You look very nice.”

She fingered the onyx pendant around her neck. "You'd sleep with me then, right?"

“Of course! You’re beautiful and desperate. Perfect comb—”

“Hey! I’m not desperate! Well, not yet anyway.” The corners of her mouth turned down when she realized she probably was desperate. “Well, would you?”

“I would if I wasn’t gay.” He plopped a cherry into a drink. “Sorry. You’re not exactly my type.”

Laura’s head flopped down onto her palms as she groaned with frustration. “You’re not helping,” came her muffled reply.

"What is it you’re looking for?”

She lifted her head to look at him. “Revenge. My dickhead husband cheated on me. I’m going to cheat on him. Simple as that.”

“Except it isn’t so simple.” He paused for a moment before speaking again. “Have you considered just talking to your husband? Maybe this is all just a mix up.”

She looked at him as though he’d spoken in Russian or something. “He had purple glitter on his cock. You have a cock. Have you ever accidentally gotten glitter on it?” She punctuated “accidentally” with air quotes.

“Ah . . . no.”

“Here’s what I know. I wore red satin that night. SHE wore a purple, glittery dress. They were alone together in the cloakroom at the wedding, looking all cozy. When we got home, HE had purple glitter on his cock. How would he have glitter in his pants if his pants didn’t come off near the purple-glitter dress? Hmm? Tell me that one.”

“You’re a little high-strung, aren’t you?” He laughed as he said it, which pissed her off even more. “I mean, why are you so hung up on revenge? If you’re convinced he cheated, why not just divorce him?”

A woman approached the bar, signaling for the bartender’s attention. “Hold that thought. I’ll be right back.”

Laura stewed in silence, her thoughts racing. She tossed a twenty on the bar, ready to leave, but the bartender placed his hand on her forearm to stop her. “What’s your game plan? Are you planning to have your husband find out you cheated on him? Do you want him to hurt like you do right now, so he’ll be the one to divorce you?” Laura swirled her wine. “Or are you going to keep it quiet, so that you’re even in your own mind?”

She shrugged. “What difference does it make?”

“I just think you need to think your plan through to the end. Otherwise, you may find that all your revenge planning leaves you with nothing. Not even revenge.”

“Well, since I’m not getting anywhere, I guess I don’t have to decide that right now.” She sulked, playing with her napkin.

“Look over there,” he said, nodding across the bar.

She looked in the direction he’d indicated. There was a middle-aged man, sitting there alone, drinking a draft beer. “I’m twenty-eight years old. What do I want with that guy?”

“Nothing yet, but my guess is that if you don’t find somebody soon, he will start to look like something you want. Let me know if you decide to buy him a drink.” He walked away to wait on another customer.

Laura looked across the opposite side of the bar. There was another man there, in his mid-thirties, she guessed. She looked closer and realized it was Joanie’s husband, Vince, sitting by himself. She wondered where Joanie was and why he’d be here without her.

He looked up at her and smiled and then realized who she was. He gasped as his eyes widened in surprise.

Oh, my god. He knows about Danny and Joanie.

Sexcerpt (XXX if available): 

Arriving at home, they pulled into the attached garage. As Danny walked around to open Laura’s door, Laura pulled the zipper on her dress down the rest of the way, so when she stepped out of the car, she also stepped out of her dress.

Danny sucked in a sharp breath, taking in his wife’s almost naked figure. She wore nothing but a sweet red thong and high-heeled sandals. Her tits were still perky enough to go out without a bra, and Danny gave a slow whistle to show his appreciation. She grabbed his hand and led him into the house to the living room. 

He reached for her and pulled her close to him. He began to hum their own wedding song, and they swayed in unison. Danny ran his hands down Laura’s sides, hooking his thumbs into the last, red slip of fabric she wore, and her thong fell to the floor. They kissed each other, starting slowly and quickly building in intensity.

Danny’s hard-on rubbed against Laura through his dress pants, and she unfastened his fly and tugged his pants down. His silk boxers stuck straight out over his erection, which made Laura chuckle. She reached one hand into the front of his underwear and wrapped her cold hand around his cock.

“Mmm . . . Looks like somebody’s ready for some fun,” she murmured into his ear as she lowered his boxers to his knees. 

Danny reached up to pull the chain to turn off the ceiling-mounted light, but Laura stopped him. “I want to see what I’m doing, love.”  

He replied by taking her head in his hands, kissing her softly on the lips, and shoving her playfully to her knees. “I wish I had a camera,” he said. It was a scene from a porno—a fully clothed man with his pants pulled down, and a gorgeous woman, wearing nothing but a teardrop-shaped onyx pendant and sexy sandals, on her knees in front of him, waiting to suck him off.

Laura took a minute to inspect his cock before gobbling it down. She grabbed it by its thick base and gave it a playful tug before sticking her tongue out toward his slit, where a pool of pre-cum waited to be devoured. She looked up at Danny and gave a coy smile. He smiled back before closing his eyes, tilting his head back, and moaning out loud. His fingers were still laced through the hair on the top of her head.

She’d returned to ogling his cock, when something odd caught her eye. 

On the tip of his penis, there were three tiny specks of purple glitter shining back at her from the slippery drop of pre-cum. Purple glitter?  How the fuck did he get purple glitter on his dick? We don’t own any purple glitter! 

Enraged, Laura opened wide and slammed her mouth down on Danny’s cock, eliciting a full-body shudder and a low moan. “Oh, fuck.”

She sucked him harder than she ever had before, jacking the base of his cock hard enough to sting her lips when her mouth met her fist. She nibbled, softly at first then getting harder and harder until Danny cried out, certain she’d drawn blood. 

Purple fucking glitter. Who the fuck was wearing purple fucking glitter at the wedding? Her mind raced through the catalog of wedding guests, racking her brain for the woman in the purple glitter. And then it dawned on her; it was Joanie from next door. The dress was gorgeous, in a striking shade of violet with small bits of purple glitter all over the dress. 

That bitch. She turned up the volume on the already violent blow job. 

Danny moaned and thrashed, believing the ferocity with which his wife sucked his cock was due to the mood set by a sexy wedding, in sexy clothes, with sexy music. His orgasm rose, welling up in his cock. He pulled Laura’s hair and uttered incomprehensible syllables.

His cock grew large and thick in Laura’s mouth, and the spasms came from the base of his cock. She sucked even harder as the hot cum landed on her tongue. She sucked the last drops, swallowed hard, and then licked her lips. She looked up at Danny with a look of disgust and anger. “I’m getting a migraine.”

She grabbed her purse from the floor and stalked off to the bedroom without another word, leaving Danny with his head spinning and his pants around his ankles.

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