Black Friday/Cyber Monday

New Adult Holiday Romance

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A filthyrottendirty new-adult tale of casual sex turns into a sensual romance for the underdogs.


Bored with their female friends’ Black Friday “best bargain” contest, Rocco and Todd cook up their own contest—sex in the mall—while Barb, Margie, and Emilia shop.


Todd’s devious Internet ad brings in three gorgeous girls, each ready to have with a stranger on camera and risk getting caught being naughty in public. Unfortunately, Dwayne isn’t as good-looking as his hard-bodied friends. Not wanting to set himself up for a hot girl’s rejection, he risks ridicule from his friends and walks away from the contest.


When chunky-but-spunky Barb discovers Dwayne’s predicament, she helps him out, and they make a sexy video of their own, waking up arousal and feelings neither realized existed between them.


Romance blossoms in the wake of the contest as they get to know and love each other’s less-than-perfect bodies and speculate about their friends’ response when Dwayne’s partner in the video is revealed on Cyber Monday.

But what is more shocking—the sexy video or the special gift Barb purchases for the man she’s loved deep-down for all these years?

Excerpt (PG-13):

As soon as Todd heard Margie ask for the Black Friday ads, he knew it was time. He drew Dwayne and Rocco into a huddle. “We’re all set for our little contest tomorrow too.”

“How did you do it?” Rocco asked.

“I put an ad online.” Todd placed a printout of the ad on the coffee table.

M4W for Sexy Music Video (23)—D&D free. You must be too. Audition at the mall on Black Friday. Must be 18 to 29 and willing to record audition on video. You think of a good location in the mall to record a BJ or whatever else happens. Send a pic and stats. Put “audition” in the subject line so I know you’re real. Any race, but you must be hot. (No offense to girls who aren’t hot.)

“You put that on the Internet,” Dwayne said, “and you think it’s going to work?”

“Already did. I got three responses. One for each of us. We’re meeting next to Santa’s Land at seven. The girls are supposed to come up with the scenario and location for the ‘audition,’ but it wouldn’t hurt for us to have some ideas, too.”

“You got girls to agree to have sex in the mall?” Dwayne said. “I don’t fucking believe it.

“Buddy, I am just that good.”

“So, how is it a contest?” Rocco asked.

“Here’s how it works. We meet the girls. We go our separate ways. We go someplace private and have sex with them. Make sure they know that we’re recording it. What they won’t know is that we’re submitting the videos to a porn site,” Todd said with a wicked grin.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Rocco said. He still had an eye on the football game. He was a Vikings fan, but he’d played high school ball, and any game drew his interest. “Everybody knows that amateur porn just means pros with bad lighting.”

“Not this site. I’ve already tried it.”

“You posted a sex video? I don’t buy it. Show me.”

“You don’t wanna see it. It’s just me jerking off.”

“Oh, god,” Rocco groaned. “You had to plant that image in my head. You’re disgusting.”

“Anyway,” Todd said. “This is the Cyber Monday part. We’ll post the videos on my account, and whichever video has the highest rating at eight o’clock on Cyber Monday wins. Simple as that.”

“Dude, are you nuts?” Dwayne said, his face contorted with confusion and surprise.

“Dude, Why not? It’s not like we’ve never done anything like this before.”

“Yeah, but that was in college,” Rocco said. “We have jobs now. We’re a little old to be fucking in public, just for kicks. Besides, we’re going to the mall in the morning. It’s too early to drink first.”

“Don’t be pussies. It’ll be fun. It’s a contest, for Christ’s sake,” Todd said.

“So what do we win?” Rocco asked. “Please don’t tell me that Dwayne’s mother is making another wreath.”

“Nah. We have to put some money up. Fifty bucks apiece? Winner takes all,” Todd said.

“I don’t have a chance at getting this girl to fuck me, and you two both know it,” Dwayne said. “Rocco’s probably had sex with half the girls at the mall anyway, and Todd, you’ve got that Brad Pitt thing going on there. Hell, you could tell girls that you’re the guy from that motorcycle show on cable, and they’d fall to their knees and blow you right next to the mall Santa.

“I, on the other hand, have been blessed with this rat face of mine. Who the fuck is going to agree to have sex with me? Fifty bucks is my limit.”

Dwayne had dealt with the nickname “Rat Face” since elementary school. His face was long and slender, ending in a pointed chin on which he grew a smudge of dark facial hair. His nose was long and crooked, and his dark eyes were too large for the rest of his face. His head sported a mess of brown, unruly curls, and even after years of braces, his front teeth were larger than the rest of his teeth, giving him the smile of a rodent.

It wasn’t as though he’d never had a girlfriend before. He had one through high school and had managed to get laid a couple of times in college. He just didn’t bank on the idea that some random girl from the Internet was going to fuck him, even if she did want to be in a music video.

“All right. Fifty bucks,” Todd said. Rocco nodded. Dwayne reluctantly stuck out his hand to shake, and the others followed suit.

Sexcerpt (XXX if available): 

Rocco fiddled with the camera for a moment, trying to figure out how to use it. It was brand new, and Kaitlyn completely distracted him. “Okay, baby. Do a little strip tease for me. Take it off, nice and sexy.”

She slipped the spaghetti straps down her arms, leaving them there just long enough to make Todd shudder. She continued with the top, pulling the band of fabric down her torso, revealing her breasts. “Oh, my god. They’re real,” he groaned.

“Of course they are,” she said, laughing at his obvious arousal. She pulled the flimsy garment down her torso, revealing her tight stomach and a nearly bare pubic area. One small patch of dark hair remained, just above the top of her slit. Todd’s cock strained to be released from his jeans when the teddy swished onto the floor around her feet.

“Do you like this one?” she asked in a louder voice so the matron would hear. She motioned for Todd to play along.

“Meh. It’s okay, but try the red one.”

Kaitlyn parted her legs and motioned for him to come closer. When he was right in front of her, she tugged on the waistband of his jeans and pushed him to his knees. “Lick my pussy, blondie,” she whispered to the camera. He handed the recording device to her and smiled. “Ooh. Those dimples. I could eat them up.”

“Ooh. Those nipples. I could eat them up,” he said. Her erect nubs were like cherries on top of a sundae. “Keep the camera on the action, okay?”

He smiled up at her and used his long fingers to separate her swollen labia. He tasted the wetness pooling in her opening. “Mmm. You taste so good.” He flicked his tongue up to coax her clit from its hiding place, brushing his soft facial hair on her thighs as he did. She shuddered and grabbed his face to stroke his beard.

“Lick it back and forth, baby,” she whispered.

His tongue picked up speed, flicking back and forth over her clit. She rocked her hips against his mouth, trying to keep the camera still.

A knock on the fitting room door accompanied the attendant’s two-pack-a-day voice. “Is everything okay in there? Can I get you another size or something?”

Kaitlyn tensed up, but Todd continued to lick her, even as she answered. “Actually, I could use a small in this red one with the feathers, if you don’t mind,” she called over the door with a slight tremble to her voice.

The sheer naughtiness of having her pussy licked in the dressing room fueled the heat between her legs, and she knew it wouldn’t take long for her to come. She fought to keep the camera steady, but she rocked her hips to meet his tongue. Faster and faster his tongue swirled, and he surprised her by sticking his finger into her opening without warning. She shuddered, louder than she should have, just as the attendant flipped the red, feathery garment over the top of the fitting room door. She jumped and Todd pressed against her G-spot. He rubbed harder with his finger as he tongued her clit, causing her thighs to twitch around his face. The downy softness of his beard tickled where her thighs met her mons and she braced herself to come hard.

Her whole body stiffened and she squeezed his head between her legs. He continued to lick, catching her nectar with his tongue until she finally relaxed and let him go. He grabbed her arms to keep her from falling.

The attendant was back, knocking loudly. Todd stepped out for a moment to ask her about corsets, leading her to believe they would be dropping a large sum of money and giving her a big, fat commission. The attendant’s eyes lowered to the bulge in his jeans, and she glared at him with disapproval before turning to get the garments. She could probably smell pussy on his face, and he didn’t care.

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