Birthday Girl

First Love, First Time

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A midnight phone call prompts Brooke to relive both her first time having sex with the neighborhood bad boy and his immediate revelation that he’d gotten Montana, the girl who’d bullied Brooke, pregnant. Now Brooke is forced to decide if she forgives him enough to help him when Montana gets arrested or if she needs to move on and find someone else to love. 

Excerpt (PG-13):

Brooke slipped off her shoes, wincing as she flexed her toes, and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. She found the remote between couch cushions and turned the TV on. “Thirty years old, and I’m home in time for the eleven o’clock news,” she said to the calico cat rubbing against her leg. “Bad habit, developed over four years living with a fuddy-duddy.”

Thomas had moved out nearly three months earlier, and Brooke was just beginning to feel like a free woman. She sipped at her water, hoping to keep the hangover away, a drunken smile spreading across her face. “You taught me a lot, Thomas, but I think the most important thing was hydration.”

The urgent music on TV announced the start of the newscast. Brooke focused on the screen, and the face she saw knocked her back into 2003—Montana Kelleher. The girl who tortured Brooke from junior high to graduation. The girl who stole JD from Brooke.

Our top story tonight takes us to the Cobleigh Court Trailer Park in East Lake to the home of Montana Cooper, who was taken into custody for questioning about the hit and run crash on Worthington Street yesterday which killed twelve-year-old Aidan Carlson just after the sun went down . . .

Brooke heard nothing else after the news cut to earlier footage of the police escorting Montana to the patrol car. The handcuffs on her wrists fulfilled Brooke’s life-long fantasy—to see Montana get what was coming to her. “Questioning, my ass. They’re arresting her.” Brooke’s arms shot up in celebration, spilling the water down the front of her top and all over the cat. “Aw, shit.” She blotted at her shirt with a tissue from the coffee table.

And then JD Cooper stepped out the front door. The camera zoomed in, and Brooke saw his arms holding his children back, shielding them from their mother’s shame. Brooke wondered how many he had. Time hadn’t been easy on JD. He was still good-looking, but in an older-man, weathered manner. “Holy shit. They’re still together. Unbelievable.”

Unable to stomach any more, Brooke turned off the TV and burst into drunken tears. She lay on the couch, hoping to fall asleep and forget what she’d just seen. “Bad idea,” she said as the room started to spin. “God damn Liz for buying those Long Island iced teas.”


Going to bed would exacerbate her wooziness, so she went to her room to grab her afghan, returned to the couch, and turned the TV back on, selecting a random channel. She stared at a vacuum cleaner infomercial as her head bobbed with drunken fatigue.

She snoozed until the cat jumped up on her lap, startling her awake and pulling the afghan off her upper body. As she fixed it, tucking herself into the comfort of her couch, she thought about the night she tucked JD Cooper into her bed in her childhood home with the same afghan.

In her drunken haze, she slept without dreaming until she was startled awake by the phone ringing in the darkness.

Sexcerpt (XXX if available): 

Brooke gasped and her eyes snapped open. “JD?”

“It’s okay,” JD said. “I’ve got you.”

“Go slow. I’ve never done this before.”

“I know, sweetie. Just trust me.” He moved his hand, just a bit, feeling the firm flesh beneath. Brooke took deep breath after deep breath, her head swimming with desire and confusion.

JD moved his hand to the other breast and gave it a gentle squeeze.

Brooke’s sigh spurred him on, and his fingers moved to the buttons on her blouse. He did not wait for permission before unfastening the first three. 

He lowered his head and placed gentle kisses on her neck and chest while he continued to work on the buttons. When the last one slipped through its hole, JD ran his hand up to her shoulder and slid her shirt down. He gazed at her body, taking in her simple, white bra and cream-colored skin. Her chest heaved as she panted. Her eyes were closed, but she made no attempt to stop him.

JD traced the outline of her bra with his tongue before slipping the straps down her arms. 

Just before the fabric slipped from her breast, JD paused. “Is this okay, Brooke?” She opened her eyes and nodded, her heart pounding in her chest.

“Good. I want to see you.” He kissed her on the nose and pulled the cups down over the soft mounds. His breath caught in his throat when he spied the rosy nipples hiding beneath. “You’re so beautiful,” he rasped. “Can I take your bra off?”

Nodding, she sat up. She fought the urge to cover her naked breasts as he removed her shirt and her bra. He wrapped his arms around her, pressing his naked chest against hers. He could feel her erect nipples against his smooth skin. He rubbed her back and kissed her again. “You’re right. Closer is much better.”

She blushed but chose to ignore his comment. “JD, I can’t believe you’re here. I can’t believe we’re doing this. I mean, I don’t even know what I’m doing.”

“You’re doing great, sweetheart,” JD mumbled while he kissed her again. He laid her back on the pillow and got to his knees on the bed next to her. He bent his head over her breasts and took her nipple into her mouth. Circling the hard nub with his tongue, he scraped it gently with his teeth. She shivered hard enough to pull her nipple out of his mouth.

“Did I hurt you?”

She shook her head and arched her back, silently asking for more.

JD took the other nipple between his lips and sucked gently, his tongue probing the flesh. While she moaned from the attention on her nipple, his hand went to her thigh. He moved his hand up under her skirt until his fingers brushed the cotton of her panties. He guessed they were white. 

He ignored her gasp and pushed ahead, placing his hand over the front of her panties. His fingers rubbed in slow circles, and he felt her pubic hair through the fabric. 

Brooke’s head was screaming. She knew she should stop him, but she wanted him. She wanted to know how it felt to be touched in places she rarely touched herself. She was throbbing under his hand, and she suddenly understood that she would let him do whatever he wanted to her body. She loved him, and this would be her gift to him.

And to herself.

His fingers slipped in through the side of her panties. She sucked in a sharp breath and nodded.

“Are you sure?” She nodded again and tried to relax as his hands wandered under her clothes.

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