All the Books

to Give You All the Feels!

  • A Man for Sam: Christmas in July Cover

    A Man for Sam: Christmas in July

    Straight to Gay

    On a weekend camping trip, straight-guy Sam meets Larry, whose mildly dominant personality paired with too much beer entices Sam into his bedroom to experience the pleasure of sex with another man.

  • Angel's Lips, Snips, and Tips Cover

    Angel's Lips, Snips, and Tips

    May-December Romance

    Despite their twenty-year age difference, Joe and Angel fall for each other while they build their hair-salon business, but he rejects her advances, and she stays away until her abusive boyfriend prompts her to call Joe late at night, looking for help.

  • Bare Naked Cover

    Bare Naked

    New Adult Sports Romance

    Trish and Mark turn their filthyrottendirty one-night stand into sizzling relationship despite Trish’s past, but when she thinks Mark betrays her, can he show her the truth and keep their relationship alive?

  • Between the Sheets Cover

    Between the Sheets

    Contemporary, Exhibitionist

    A fictional transcript of a fictional radio show on a fictional satellite radio station. Actress Tessa Tayes tells the Beau Stewart Show about the time a neighbor watched her pleasuring herself while hanging laundry.

  • Birthday Girl Cover

    Birthday Girl

    First Love, First Time

    A phone call prompts Brooke to remember her first time with the boy who broke her heart, and she must decide if she forgives him enough to help him when he needs her most.

  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday Cover

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday

    New Adult Holiday Romance

    “Rat Face” Dwayne walks away from Rocco and Todd’s Black Friday casual-sex-in-the-mall contest until chunky-but-spunky Barb steps in to assist, and their long-standing friendship blossoms into a sweet, sensual (hot-as-hell) romance, just in time for Christmas.

  • Collared Cover

    Collared in the Temple of Dendur

    May-December BDSM, Exhibitionist

    A Filthyrottendirty in Thirty minute read in which a young sub’s Master takes her to the Temple of Dendur exhibit in the Metropolitan Museum of Art where she submits to sex in public to earn her collar and seal his Dominance

  • Come on Down Cover

    Come on Down

    Bisexual Male, Ménage

    While fooling around with his girlfriend, James has a flashback to a gay experience when he was younger, prompting Caylin to arrange a threesome with an old friend.

  • Come with a Friend Cover

    Come with a Friend

    Gay Male Romance, M to F Transgender

    Timmy presents Jason with an unusual "promposal" to dress as a woman to gain revenge on a bully, but his true intention—getting Jason to fall in love with him—isn’t revealed until Timmy and Jason’s alter ego, Kari, are slow dancing at the prom, and there’s no hiding their arousal for each other.

  • Fighting Fire with Fire Cover

    Fighting Fire with Fire

    Straight to Lesbian

    Straight-girl Krista’s first kiss from a woman sends her running, but when Nicky disappears, Krista fights to find her so she can explore her lesbian feelings and Nicky’s body.

  • Gay Greenhorn on the F/V Lost Agnes Cover

    Gay Greenhorn on the F/V Lost Agnes

    Gay Male Romance

    Carson, a college graduate from Georgia, and Artie, a seasoned deckhand, fall in love working on a crab boat in the Bering Sea, but can they keep their secret from the rest of the crew when an accident threatens Carson’s life?

  • Ghosts Have Pride Cover

    Ghosts Have Pride


    Grandma’s ghost visits Lexi to reveal the forbidden romance with her best friend she hid while she was alive to help Lexi remember her own lesbian experiences, bringing both women out of the closet.

  • Hurricane Season Cover

    Hurricane Season

    Bisexual Women, Ménage

    When a young woman accepts a free vacation in paradise without reading the fine print, she finds herself submitting to her first ménage, with anal, spanking, and lesbian sex to avoid having to pay for the trip on the spot. 

  • I Won a Basket of Porn Cover

    I Won a Basket of Porn (A Satire)

    Sexy Satire

    A teacher wins a basket of vibrators and pornography at a summer fair, and the whole town turns on her, demanding her resignation.

  • Love and a Hate Crime Cover

    Love and a Hate Crime

    Gay, Mature

    A bully takes advantage of his victim’s willingness to please, leading Thad to break into the house of an older gay couple and witness them making love, arousing and terrifying Thad.

  • Milkweed & Gossamer Cover

    Milkweed & Gossamer

    New Adult Romance

    Jaime falls for her older brother’s friend, but her family is desperate to keep her from getting pregnant, interrupting at every turn, even when Milkweed and Gossamer put aside their hunger for each other to save the monarch butterflies.

  • Mobile Home for the Holidays Cover

    Mobile Home for the Holidays

    New Adult, Lesbian Romance

    Hailey and Morgan meet on the streets and sleep in Hailey’s car to survive, but just when a friend finds them a home, Morgan reveals she’s gay and Hailey’s reaction scares her off, leaving Hailey to find her in time for the holidays.

  • Mrs. Maitland's SAD Valentine Cover

    Mrs. Maitland's SAD Valentine

    May-December Romance

    Mating ball pythons bring together a depressed, twentysomething school janitor and a widowed, fortysomething high school biology teacher to overcome the age difference and interference from Brad’s ex-girlfriend and bring them to light and love.

  • Muffin's Change Cover

    Muffin's Change in the House of Flies

    BDSM Lite

    Professor Thompson discovers his student’s blog, full of submissive fantasies, and initiates a secret Dominate-by-text relationship which culminates in his Domination of Nadine and frat-boy Evan at a party in the Phi Lambda Upsilon House of Flies.

  • Pittsburgh: M/M Sensory Deprivation Cover

    Pittsburgh: M/M Sensory Deprivation

    Gay Male BDSM

    Sports fans Joe and Clarke meet in a Philadelphia sports bar cheering on the 76ers and go home together for an evening of M/M sensory deprivation and painful pleasures, but will their infatuation remain when they learn in the morning they root for rival hockey and football teams?

  • Purple Glitter Cover

    Purple Glitter

    Cheating Wife

    Laura seeks revenge when she finds purple glitter on her husband’s penis and assumes he’s cheating, but she loses it all after she sleeps with her neighbor to retaliate.

  • Sharing Her Heart Cover

    Sharing Her Heart: The Prequel to Mrs. Maitland's SAD Valentine

    Romance, First Love, First Time

    High school students Robert and Judy don’t get along at first, but when they are thrust together as lab partners, their romance kindles in spite of their nasty biology teacher’s attempts to destroy their grade and their relationship.

  • She's My Reference Cover

    She's My Reference


    Chelsea offers to help Steve get a promotion at work, leading to a day of torrid sex and a nasty turn of events at his interview.

  • Steve Has a Stalker Cover

    Steve Has a Stalker


    A deranged woman imagines a relationship with a man she’s never met and details for the man she’s stalking what could have been—in the ladies’ room, under the foosball table, and in the parking log—if only they’d said hello.

  • Suffocating: A Dark Nuptial Tragedy Cover

    Suffocating: A Dark Nuptial Tragedy

    New Adult, Rough Sex

    Jack and Vanessa finally marry and have wicked-hot wedding-night sex, but when Vanessa shakes her bottom in a request for something dirty, it reminds Jack of his time in prison, giving him nightmares and forcing him to face the heinous crime they committed on their wedding day.

  • The Side Effect Cover

    The Side Effect

    Sci-Fi Lite

    When Lindsay doesn't say yes to Zack's public proposal, it takes an unethical scientist and some sensory confusion to get him over his aversion to oral sex and to get the ring on Lindsay’s finger.

  • Under the Seaweed Mask Cover

    Under the Seaweed Mask

    Straight to Lesbian

    With cucumber slices hiding her face on the massage table, the shock of the masseuse’s hands on Leslie's girl parts forces her to choose between submitting to her first lesbian experience and revealing her identity to her boss’ husband who is watching from the foot of the table.

  • Wallpaper Cover


    Contemporary, Pregnancy

    Deanna’s pregnancy hormones have pushed her libido into overdrive, and her husband, Derek, struggles to keep up with her demands while keeping his mother’s meddling at bay to maintain peace in his marriage.

  • Watch Me Cover

    Watch Me

    Contemporary, Exhibitionist

    When a couple gets a child-free night in a high-rise hotel in New York City, they take advantage of the privacy until she opens the curtains and discovers the thrill of being watched from the street below.

  • What the Hell Cover

    What the Hell Are You Looking at?

    Voyeur, Ménage, Historical

    A widower pleasures himself while watching from the bushes the subjects of Edouard Manet’s Déjeuner sur l'Herbe, featuring two fully clothed "dandies" and a nude woman having a picnic which turns into a ménage à trois before the voyeur’s eyes.

  • Wicked Cold Cover

    Wicked Cold: The Prequel to Wicked Hot

    New Adult, Lesbian

    In this prequel to Wicked Hot, homophobic college student Amy discovers her forbidden lesbian fantasy while having sex with her boyfriend in the ice hotel suite they share with lesbian lovers, sparking their journey from monogamy to couple swapping later in their marriage (in Wicked Hot).

  • Wicked Hot Cover

    Wicked Hot

    Bisexual Woman, Ménage

    Strictly monogamous Amy and Kevin admit their couple-swapping fantasies to each other in bed one night, never imagining that a summer camping trip would present the opportunity to hook up with seasoned swingers and make their ménage fantasy come true.